The Joy of Classroom Management

Dr. Benjamin Clemons has a lot of personal experience with the subject of the graduate course he’s teaching: Classroom Management. Some of that experience occurred during his years as a teacher who gradually, by trial and error, learned how to manage his classroom. And some occurred as a student who, he admits, needed a little […]

Teaching Teachers How to Teach Teachers

Curiosity, a love for learning, and a proven talent for teaching—what more could we want in a graduate professor at Martin Luther College? Dr. Lyn DeLorme, a technology professor in MLC’s Graduate Studies Program, lays claim to all of these—and harnesses them in the course she teaches for us, Leading Technology Professional Development. Yes, it’s […]

Enhancing Ministry with Technology

A few weeks ago, a pastor approached MLC’s new adjunct instructor, Martin Spriggs, to thank him. The pastor had taken Spriggs’s technology class at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Summer Quarter and learned there how to use a personal productivity system. That class was 10 years ago, but the system had so greatly improved his control over […]

Interpreting the Word—

Professor Paul Wendland calls it “the most bizarre night” he’s ever had. He was a parish pastor, and someone called him and asked, “Are you a Lutheran pastor? Why don’t you come down here and talk to this guy? He’s a Lutheran, and he just committed suicide.” When Pastor Wendland got there, he saw the […]

“That More People See Jesus”

Meet Professor Rachel Feld: Tech Guru and Self-Professed Geek

“My favorite thing about teaching technology to teachers is telling them that they don’t have to use technology for every last thing. Good teaching is still good teaching.” Coming from a teacher of educational technology and a self-professed tech geek, that statement might be a little surprising, but it demonstrates the pragmatic wisdom of Professor […]

Meet Rev. Dr. Michael Smith

In the spring 2021 semester, Dr. Michael Smith will be teaching MLC graduate students from his office in Hong Kong, where he serves as academic dean and professor of Greek and New Testament at Asia Lutheran Seminary (ALS). Over the course of his life, Dr. Smith has belonged to four Lutheran denominations: LCA, LCMS, ELS, […]

Dr. Dan Johnson

Dr. Alanna Lienig

Filling a Special Ed Need in WELS Schools We’re pleased to introduce Dr. Alanna Lienig ’05. She’s teaching two courses in the special education emphasis of our MS-Ed program: Teaching Children with Learning Disabilities and The IEP Process and Professional Practice, a course she developed herself. Dr. Lienig is filling an important need—for MLC and […]

Dr. Ryan MacPherson

Building Bridges of Understanding Written by Laurie Gauger-Hested Building bridges seems to be a theme in the life and ministry of Dr. Ryan MacPherson, a new member of MLC’s graduate faculty. Dr. MacPherson is teaching two courses in our new Master of Arts in Theological Studies program: Creation Apologetics and Bioethics. Both courses have an […]

Dr. Rachel Ehlers

We’re pleased to introduce MLC’s new graduate faculty member, Dr. Rachel (Vogt DMLC ’95) Ehlers, who will be teaching Foundations of Special Education. Dr. Ehlers brings to MLC graduate students her extensive education and teaching experience as well as a deep understanding of special education from two perspectives—as a teacher and as a parent.

Professor Julie Sallquist: Passionate About Early Learning

It was volunteering at homeless and domestic abuse shelters that really fueled Julie Sallquist’s passion for early childhood education. Her graduate work and early career at Arizona State University had been focused on promoting children’s positive development through research. But applying that research to education settings is what really motivates her. As a volunteer with […]

Professor Jon Roux

It’s all about the books. As a grade 1-8 teacher for 13 years and a college education professor for eight years, Professor Jon Roux DMLC ’95 has loved teaching and talking about books. But books are just the start. Really, he loves language arts in general—that broad content area containing everything from reading comprehension to […]

Dr. John Meyer, Director

At the helm of MLC’s burgeoning Master of Science in Education program is Dr. John Meyer. As director of graduate studies, John’s goals are about boosting communication and building community. “I want to get the word out about the benefits this program can bring to ministry,” he says, “and I want to increase the connectedness […]

Dr. Richard Bakken

Martin Luther College welcomes Adjunct Instructor Richard Bakken, PhD, who comes to our graduate faculty with a rich and eclectic background encompassing music, technology, education, travel, and leadership. Dr. Bakken’s studies began in Wisconsin, took him around the world to Qatar, settled him in San Diego, and gave him a place on the adjunct faculty […]

Dr. Paul Boehlke

Martin Luther College is pleased to welcome Professor Paul Boehlke, Ph.D., DMLC ’61 to our graduate faculty. Dr. Boehlke’s life could serve as a blueprint for faithful teachers who understand the value of professional growth. Boehlke’s assignment in 1961 was to a one-teacher school in Goodhue MN. Almost immediately he enrolled at Winona State, pursuing […]

Dr. James Grunwald

If there’s anyone who understands the ins and outs of an online degree program, it’s MLC Professor Dr. James Grunwald. One of his major tasks is to teach online courses about how to teach online courses. In MLC’s master’s program, Jim teaches Enhancing the Curriculum with Technology, Teaching Online, and Designing and Constructing Online Courses. […]

Prof. Daryl Hanneman

Professor Daryl Hanneman, Special Education Meet Professor Daryl Hanneman DMLC ’75, a member of our graduate faculty and now a new undergraduate professor in the special education division. Professor Hanneman’s interest in special education began early in his ministry. He and his wife, Shirley DMLC ’75, served as the faculty of Trinity-Johnson MN after graduating […]

Dr. Robert Klindworth

Professionalism is important to Dr. Robert (Bob) Klindworth—in both himself and his students. He says, “I have found the vast majority of MLC master’s students to be dedicated professionals who are genuinely interested in enhancing both their knowledge and skills.” Dr. Klindworth’s experience, education, and leadership demonstrate his own professionalism and make him well-suited to […]

Dr. John Kolander

Dr. John Kolander, one of 15 off-campus instructors in MLC’s Master of Science in Education program, is a champion of Lutheran education in all aspects of his life: his ministry, his family, world missions—and, of course, the MLC graduate program. Having taught at Lutheran elementary, high school, and college level, he brings his experience and […]

Dr. Jeff Lemke

Dr. Jeff Lemke is looking forward to sharing his expertise with graduate students in MLC’s new course, School Business Administration. This course is an elective for all Master of Science in Education students and a requirement in our new Master of Science in Educational Administration program, a degree designed specifically for WELS principals and early […]

Dr. Carrie Pfeifer

Dr. Carrie Pfeifer DMLC ’81 has a passion for good teaching. She knows good teachers aren’t merely good with math or English, nor are they merely good with kids. Good teachers connect the learner and the subject matter—but there’s more. Good teachers understand that each child learns in a different way, and it is the […]

Dr. David Wendler

We praise God for 10 years of the MLC master’s program—10 years of high-quality instruction and high-speed growth—all fueled by the desire to serve God and further the gospel. It was in the late 90s when Dr. John Isch, then director of special services (continuing ed), and Dr. David Wendler, chair of the education division, […]