Advent Devotions – A Gift for You

Isaiah Had Foretold It is MLC’s new devotion book, this one containing 25 spiritual encouragements, one for each day of December until Christmas. You may enjoy this book in hard copy, download it onto your device, or simply read it online.

It will be available for ordering or for online viewing after November 20 at

MLC Golf Classic


Tuesday, October 25, 2016, Dennis Jaspersen (Thrivent Financial) chairman of the MLC Golf Classic Committee, presented MLC student representative Monica Pappenfuss  with a check for $38,345. Since its beginning in 1993, the Golf Classic has donated over $750,000 to the college for campus improvements and student assistance. This year’s contributions will be used for student scholarships – many awarded to the students present for this event. In addition to providing scholarships, the Golf Classic proceeds will fund the construction of a Summit Avenue overlook that will benefit all visitors to the MLC campus.  Accompanying Dennis Jaspersen in presenting this check, (front row from right) were Gary Schwichtenberg (Pioneer College Caterers) and Jenny Eckstein (New Ulm Chamber of Commerce).

Student Life 100 Years Ago …

Want a glimpse of DMLC student life 100 years ago?  Look no further.  The DMLC Messenger provides that and more.  College, co-ed, and alumni notes, jokes ( in “Neu Ulmer Deutsch” in early issues), and advertisements by local businesses give a very entertaining look back on early DMLC and New Ulm days.

Click here to learn more:


Aaron Markgraf Featured by UMAC


The Upper Midwest Athletic Conference (UMAC) wrote a feature story on Aaron Markgraf as part of their “Distinctly UMAC” series. This feature covers Aaron’s story, as well as what it means to be an MLC student athlete.

Read the full feature by clicking here.

Reformation 500 Lectures 2017-2018

luther-close-upCommemorating the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, a plan to offer a series of Reformation lectures under the theme “The Lutheran Reformation was an Educational Movement” during the 2017-18 school year is underway. A list of speakers have been developed for the three topics:

Lecture 1: Educating Youth at the Time of the Lutheran Reformation
(Wednesday, November 1, 2017, 9:45 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. by Prof. Paul Koelpin)

The focus of this lecture will be the concrete ways the Lutheran Reformation impacted the education of young people. We have heard Luther speak out in support of Christian education in texts like “A Sermon on Keeping Children in School” and “To the Councilmen of All the Cities of Germany that They Establish and Maintain Christian Schools.” The goal of this lecture is to explore in a concrete way what exactly this meant for grade school instruction, curriculum, and teacher preparation in those lands that adopted the Lutheran Reformation. How was school different for a child because of the Lutheran Reformation? How have these changes been a blessing to elementary education in our Lutheran schools down to this very day?


Lecture 2: Educating Pastors at the Time of the Lutheran Reformation
(Sunday, February 11, 2018, 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. by Dr. John Brenner)

The focus of this lecture will be the concrete ways the Lutheran Reformation impacted the training of Lutheran clergy. In his “To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation” in 1520, Luther had laid out proposals for educational reform at the university level. This was followed by very specific suggestions in “Instructions for the Visitors of Parish Pastors in Electoral Saxony” in 1528. The goal of this lecture is to explore in a concrete way what exactly this meant for the university courses and the university course of study that prepared the next generation of Lutheran pastors in lands that adopted the Lutheran Reformation. How was training for the pastoral ministry different for a student after the Lutheran Reformation? How have these changes been a blessing to pastoral training in our college and seminary down to this very day?


Lecture 3: Educating Society at the Time of the Lutheran Reformation
(Sunday, April 15, 2018, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. by Dr. Gottfried Herrmann of the Evangelisch Lutherische Freikirche of Germany)

In his treatise of 1524, “To the Councilmen of All the Cities of Germany that They Establish and Maintain Christian Schools,” Luther had argued that Christian schools are essential not only for the welfare of the church, but also for the welfare of the home and the world. The goal of this lecture is to explore in a concrete way how exactly the changes in the educational system brought by the Lutheran Reformation, along with Luther’s doctrine of the two kingdoms, impacted homes and the world as schools sought to train the whole person of God. How did Luther’s push for a well-educated Christian citizenry, increased financial support for Christian schools, and his doctrine of the two kingdoms impact day-to-day life in lands that adopted the Lutheran Reformation? And what was the impact in everyday life of a Bible in the vernacular, doctrinal texts aimed at the home, and treatises written to and for the common man?

MLC students, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary students, area called workers, lay people and WELS leaders outside this area will be invited to attend.

Watch for more information in the months to follow.

Governing Board Digest

Pulling Out All the Stops

dsc05478World-renowned organist Tom Bell gave a concert on the Schantz organ in Chapel of the Christ on October 7. He also gave a master class to three students from MLC, two from Bethany Lutheran College-Mankato MN, and one from Gustavus Adolphus College-St. Peter MN.

The chosen MLC students—
Lucas Krogmann (St. Paul-
Ixonia WI), Gabriel Plocher (St. Luke-Vassar MI), and Lydia Wassermann (Mt. Calvary-La Crosse WI)
played Bach and Mendelssohn, and Professor Bell critiqued their performances as other students and organ professors observed.

Student Newspaper Club

The first issue of the MLC Student Newspaper, Hilltop Happenings, is now available online! Read about changes on campus, the local New Ulm legend of the concrete pig, interviews with new faculty Scharf and Wordell, and more at


NEW! MLC Digital Wallpaper


Can’t get enough of the beautiful MLC campus? Need a cool wallpaper for your desktop, iOS device, or tablet? We’ve got you covered!

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Welcome To MLC!

In addition to new students, we welcome several new faces to our campus as classes resume. Tutor Nathan Wordell begins his service as a tutor in Concord Hall and will teach Latin. Prof. Craig Hirschmann will teach music; Prof. Greg Holzhueter will teach mathematics, physical education and coach; Prof. David Scharf will teach theology; Adjunct Instructor Ramona Czer will teach English; Erin Meissner will cover Wind Symphony and teach music during Prof. Miles Wurster’s sabbatical; and Instructor Julius Buelow will teach Hebrew during Prof. Thomas Nass’ sabbatical. Student Matthew Swanson will be teaching mathematics.


Faculty Installation
Back row: Tutor Nate Wordell, Prof. Greg Holzhueter, Prof. David Scharf, Prof. Craig Hirschmann, Instructor Julius Buelow
Front Row: Tarah (Steinbrenner) Beduze, Elizabeth Klugherz

At the Early Childhood Learning Center, Elizabeth Klugherz moves to the director’s role; Tarah (Steinbrenner) Beduze was assigned as a lead teacher; and Kristin Haun, Katie (Anderson) Wenner and Grace Welch are full time assistant teachers at the center.

New ECLC teachers

New ECLC teachers Grace Welch, Tarah (Steinbrenner) Beduze, Elizabeth Klugherz, Kristin Haun, Katherine (Anderson) Wenner

Our staff has also been blessed with several new additions. Galen Holzhueter serves as a part time admissions counselor; Leah Matzke, as web content manager in the Mission Advancement Office; Tamara Lott, as administrative assistant in the Human Resources Office in addition to the Staff Ministry and Congregational Assistance Program Office; LaShawn Smith, as administrative assistant for the Field Experience Office.

New Staff Members

New Staff Members Tami Lott, Deborah Witte, Jodie Braulick, and Leah Matzke (not pictured: LaShawn Smith)

Galen Holzhueter

New admissions counselor Galen Holzhueter

We pray that God would bless each of these individuals as they serve the college in the coming year!