Focus on Ministry Weekends

focussDuring two Focus on Ministry weekends, about 300 high schoolers from all over the country were able to walk in MLC students’ shoes for a few days. They experienced campus life by going to classes, watching sports practices, staying in the dorms, and chatting with current students, faculty, and coaches.

“Going to chapel was cool,” said Mason Shambeau, “because you could definitely see how Christ-centered MLC is.” Josh Schoenfeld added, “I like the cafeteria!” Faith Otte said, “This whole weekend has been great, because it makes me so excited to go to school here!”

Some who made the trip are uncertain about their future schooling, but they still benefitted from the visit. “I’m indecisive about college right now,” said Jordyn Ulman. “But I’m definitely keeping MLC in mind. This trip has showed me MLC’s true purpose and how greatly future called workers here are motivated to spread the gospel.”

To learn more about MLC, or to set up a personal visit call 507-354-8221. We’d love for you to visit!