MLC’s Low Rates Nationally Recognized

Chapel SnowWith your support through congregational mission offerings, the establishment of endowments, estate designations, and many direct gifts, Martin Luther College is able to keep educational costs for our students to a reasonable level. In fact, the student costs at MLC are low enough to attract the attention of Money magazine, Washington Monthly, and most recently USA Today. USA Today reported: “. . . the costs of getting that [college] education increase every year, far surpassing the college savings of many families. . . . Martin Luther College keeps costs low, with the average yearly cost of the school being $18,000. [Our total cost this year is actually $18,920.] Students graduate in an average of 4.4 years bringing the total degree cost to $78,600. This makes Martin Luther College very underpriced when compared to schools of similar quality.” What USA Today doesn’t realize is that our ranking is only possible through the support of WELS and our faithful donors. Thank you!