Seeds of Science

By Kara Peter ’22 (St. James-Portage MI)

It was a beautiful day, but members of the STEM&M club (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math & Ministry) weren’t in the neighborhood. Instead, they took a trip to Minneopa State Park.

“Our group was collecting the seeds of a plant called big bluestem,” says club president Sofifia Spiegelberg (Saving Grace-Mobile AL). “Minnesota is working on restoring its native grasslands, and we were a part of that process by collecting and cleaning the seeds to be replanted somewhere else.”

Noah Arnold (St Paul-Oconto Falls WI) adds, “It was a great opportunity to experience a little bit of practical botany and ecology while also getting to help promote these native plants and be good stewards of the earth God’s given us.” STEM&M doesn’t stop at seeds. They host monthly STEM challenges for the student body and are assembling a new 3D printer. Other plans include getting local schools involved and organizing STEM-related outings for MLC students.

This feature was originally published in the MLC InFocus, Spring 2020 issue.