Dr. John Lawrenz, the tenth and last president of Dr. Martin Luther College, proposed the design of the seal of the amalgamated college, Martin Luther College.

MLCSealThe seal has at its center the Luther seal.

  • The black cross indicates we are saved from sin because Jesus died on the cross.
  • The heart represents Jesus’ blood shed for us.
  • The white rose shows the joy and peace we now have by faith.
  • The small Latin letters VIVIT, located in the sepals of the rose, mean “He lives.”
  • The black field indicates sin and death in this world. On this field are words that describe the college, its current location (New Ulm, Minnesota), and the founding dates of the two amalgamating colleges: MDCCCLXV is 1865, the founding date of Northwestern College, Watertown Wisconsin; and MDCCCLXXXIV is 1884, the founding date of Dr. Martin Luther College, New Ulm, Minnesota. The placement of this information on the black field shows that the people trained at these campuses confess Christ the Savior to a sin-filled world.
  • Surrounding the black field is a band of white, the color of holiness. We are sinners and also saints, holy and righteous in God’s sight through the work of his Son.

Martin Luther College is the WELS College of Ministry, training future pastors, teachers, and staff ministers for calls into the public ministry. It takes its name from the great 16th century reformer Martin Luther.

A replica inlay of the MLC seal was placed in the walkway between the Library and the Wittenberg Collegiate Center. Because the frost heaves of the Minnesota winters broke some of the inlaid stones, in 2010 the seal was removed and placed in the circle drive in front of the main office (pictured), where it stands today.

Funds for the moving of the seal were graciously provided by proceeds from the annual MLC Golf Classic.