Want a glimpse of DMLC student life 100 years ago?  Look no further.  The DMLC Messenger provides that and more.  College, co-ed, and alumni notes, jokes ( in “Neu Ulmer Deutsch” in early issues), and advertisements by local businesses give a very entertaining look back on early DMLC and New Ulm days.  The quarterly booklet of 1910-1951 was replaced with a monthly newspaper format from 1951 – 1995 (amalgamation/end of DMLC) which allowed for more timely news and more pictures at less expense.

Clicking on a cover image will take you to the Messengers for the chosen year. All of the issues for that year are in one document. Once you are at the chosen document you may click the magnifying glass icon to search within the document or click the arrows to page forward or backward.

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