• June 30 — Deadline to Register for All On-Campus Courses
    On-campus courses may be canceled at this time if enrollment is not sufficient
    (Register early if you would like a room with air conditioning)
  • July 9-20 — All On-Campus Summer School Courses Will Be Held on These Dates
  • Course Viability Deadlines
    • Satellite Courses: 5 weeks prior to the start of the course (Need to have at least 5 enrolled)
    • Online and On-Campus Courses: 3 weeks prior to the start of the course (Need to have at least 3 enrolled)

If you know you are going to take a course, register before the viability deadline.

Summer 2018

Spring 2018


SCI9001 Creation Apologetics 101   1 credit
An introduction to apologetics as applied to the realm of creation and evolution within the context of Lutheran ministry.
Mark Bergemann                            Apr 2 – May 4                           Online



EDU5906 Designing Effective Instruction   1 credit or 12.5 clock hours
Develop the ability to provide meaningful feedback to improve beginning teachers’ lesson plans and instruction.
Meyer/Schaefer                              Mar 1 – Mar 27                          Online

EDU5908 Understanding, Supporting, and Facilitating a Professional Development Plan   2 credit or 25 clock hours
Synthesize the research, theory, and writing, as well as teacher and administrator standards, behind a professional development plan, in order to be a resource in your school or district and assist new teachers in writing a professional development plan.
Meyer/Schaefer                              Feb 1 – Feb 27                          Online

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