The Evangelism Certificate (EvC) program is intended to be used by lay and/or called workers in congregations to gain the understanding and skills to lead, create, and participate in congregational evangelism efforts.

The goals of the Evangelism Certificate program are to develop congregational evangelism leaders who understand the scriptural foundation for a congregation’s evangelism ministry, can evaluate and plan congregational evangelism efforts, are equipped to give an answer for the hope they have in Christ (1 Peter 3:15), and seize opportunities for personal evangelism in all aspects of their lives.

Participants in the program will complete three online 1-credit courses to earn an Evangelism Certificate. These three 1-credit courses were developed with the goal of keeping costs low and the time commitment reasonable for the participants.

Entrance Requirements

  • Congregational membership in good standing in WELS or denomination in fellowship with WELS
  • Be a pastor, staff minister, staff ministry certificate student of the WELS or denomination in fellowship with WELS, or have your pastor send in a pastor’s recommendation
  • High school diploma or higher
  • Ability to take online courses (computer and internet access required)