Is your DMLC, DMLHS, MLA, MLC, or NWC class or affinity group looking to reunite? Reunions are wonderful ways to reconnect with old friends, offer encouragement, enjoys some laughs, and join together in praise and worship. Many reunion groups choose to meet at MLC to enjoy worship in the chapel, tours of the campus and community, and perhaps some interaction with today’s students and staff. The MLC alumni relations office is here to help you get your reunion going. Please contact us at or 507-354-8221 x 387. The listing below shows groups with reunion plans in the works.

Class/GroupDatesLocationContact PersonEmailPhone
1975 & 1976 MLAJuly 8-9, 2016Winona, MNDoug Weishahnoxdougw@aol.com402-484-5557
1991 DMLC July 8-9, 2016MLCLaura Balza, Jeff Wiechmanlaurabalza1@gmail.com507-359-4099
1956 DMLHSJuly 14-15, 2016Green Bay, WIDave Bodedcbode@sbcglobal.net920-734-2850
1959 DMLHSJuly 20-21, 2016Green Bay, WIArnie Nommensenarnie.nommensen@gmail.com920-819-8627
Retired Called WorkersAug 4, 2016Fox Valley LHS, Appleton, WIBob Fischerrfischer@fvlhs.org920-560-5107
1966 DMLHSAug 5-7, 2016MLCDennis Steinbrennerwciv@hotmail.com920-682-3144
1981 DMLC Football TeamSept 3, 2016MLCKevin Kellerkellerk@wls.wels.net262-208-0071
1970 MLASept 9-10, 2016MLCSharon Eichtensharon_belle1@yahoo.com507-354-8048
1961 DMLCSept 13-15, 2016MLCClarice Fastenau fastenaudc@gmail.com507-375-3913
1966 DMLCSept 15-17, 2016MLCDave Jacobskayteedee99@yahoo.com651-565-4157
1989 DMLC Sound of Music CastNov 5, 2016MLCSteve Balzaalumni@mlc-wels.edu507-217-1731

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