Interim Director Concludes Service

We thank Professor Erin Meissner (pictured) for her three semesters of service as interim director of instrumental music while Professor Miles Wurster pursued his graduate studies.

Here’s an excerpt of Professor Meissner’s departure letter:

“Within the rehearsal setting, concert performances, and interactions with one another, I witnessed firsthand the transformative power of music—as an edifying aesthetic expression and unifying force, certainly, but more significantly as a vehicle for the expression and profession of sincere faith.

At several points during the course of my three semesters at MLC I have remarked to my students about the privilege of teaching in an environment where all students share the same faith. We can speak it, sing it, play it, and pray our faith corporately. It is an awesome and profound blessing. . . .

I marvel at the young men and women the Lord is raising up to serve his people and at the talented and dedicated faculty and staff called to teach, direct, guide, and support them. I shall forever consider it a blessing to have served among you.”