This scholarship fund was established in 2016 by DMLC graduates Dr. Ray and Mrs. Ruth Dusseau.

Ruth emergency taught grades 5-8 at Immanuel-Hadar NE (1966) and taught grades 5-6 at Redemption-Milwaukee (1966-1971). Ray served as principal and grade 5-8 teacher at Pilgrim-Menomonee Falls WI (1966-1973); as principal at Atonement-Milwaukee (1973-1984); as principal at Shoreland LHS (1984-1992); and as professor of education at Wisconsin Lutheran College (1992-2012).

Dr. Dusseau is also the founding director of the Center for Urban Teaching in Milwaukee. “God is blessing the Lutheran schools in Milwaukee with growth that is only limited by our synod’s ability to prepare enough teachers equipped to accept urban calls,” he says. “The Center for  Urban Teaching focuses on the identification, preparation, and support of high-performing urban teachers. The primary source for teachers in WELS schools is Martin Luther College. When MLC began partnering with the Center and established an urban minor, we established our scholarship to provide encouragement and support. As in all things, to God be the glory.”

Ray and Ruth’s two children attended Lutheran elementary schools in Milwaukee. Robert DMLC ’94 is now principal of Risen Savior-Milwaukee, and Michelle is a professor of communication at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Their granddaughter is currently an MLC student active in urban ministry.

Dusseau Scholarship winners are sophomore, junior, or senior applicants who are pursuing an urban ministry minor and who have demonstrated a strong potential to serve in low socio-economic urban settings and strong leadership in the support of urban teaching and outreach. Financial need may be considered but is not a prerequisite for selection.

First Recipients of the Dusseau Scholarship

Mary Meyer (St. Paul-New Ulm MN) graduated in December 2017 with an elementary ed major and urban ministry minor. She’s taken immersion trips to Chicago, Houston, and Milwaukee; taught two summers at Siloah-Milwaukee through the Center for Urban Teaching; and student taught at St. Marcus-Milwaukee.

“Every urban school I toured had high expectations for their students, and teachers used methods that were positive, engaging, and effective,” Mary says. “I saw how difficult it can be to live in a city where crime and poverty is high, and I saw how these grade schools were helping to build not only the characters of their students but also their love for their Lord and Savior.”

Grace Williams (Abiding Word-Houston) is a senior majoring in secondary English ed and minoring in urban ministry. She’s taken immersion trips to Milwaukee and Chicago and taught summer school at Garden Homes-Milwaukee through the Center for Urban Teaching.

“I grew up in urban settings (Anchorage and Houston),” Grace says. “The cities are in desperate need of Christ’s light and love, as well as committed, high-functioning educators. Like Jonah, I believe God has equipped me with the experiences to evangelize in an urban environment. My CfUT experiences have cemented my joy of working in these cityscapes, and I aspire to one day be an exceptional educator working with these exceptional kids!”

Anna Scarfo (Atonement-Milwaukee) is a junior with an elementary ed major and an urban ministry minor. She’s the president of the Urban Leadership Team at MLC; has taken immersion trips to Milwaukee, Chicago, and New York; and has worked with the Center for Urban Teaching for eight summers.

“What I enjoy about urban ministry,” she says, “are the people and the need. My passion drives me to serve wherever the Lord leads me, and the Lord calls my heart to the city, to serve and bloom with his people.”

All recipients are chosen by the MLC Financial Aid Committee.

This feature was originally published in the MLC InFocus, Spring 2018 issue.

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