Trinity Christian Early Childhood Centre – St. Lucia

A Servant Teaches How To Serve

At Trinity Christian Early Childhood Centre-St. Lucia, director and teacher Evodia Cassius-Noel ’16 is a servant of the Word and of her young students. And she makes sure her students are learning to serve others as well. The church and school are in an area of the island that is considered problematic, she says. “Before enrolling in our school, many of the students had not been exposed to books, physical activity, or simple things like shopping in the supermarket or interacting with people beyond their families.”

Donors pay 50-75% of the students’ tuition, allowing them to attend this Christian centre that introduces them to the world—and also to the Word. “Students are learning how much God loves them,” Evodia says.

And then their teacher leads them to share that love in their community. “We do random acts of love—small service projects for the public. To date we have given candy canes and the Christmas message to the staff of the special education unit on our island, donated money to the children’s orphanage, and served tea and coffee to people in the Bisee community on their way to work.”

The preschool is small, with 16 students aged 2-5, but the impact they are making on their community is large. People are noticing, and enrollment is on the rise.

Evodia is grateful. Originally from St. Lucia herself, she gave up a few seasons of St. Lucia sun for Minnesota snow so she could earn her early childhood education degree from MLC and then come back home and make a difference. That’s the kind of servant she is.

Adapted from CLS e-News, a publication of WELS Commission on Lutheran Schools (September 6, 2017).