MLC’s graduate program has given me the confidence and the tools I need to teach all children, including those students who are struggling or have special needs. God has blessed me with unique students who have many different learning styles. I have learned how to differentiate my teaching to meet these diverse needs. I have been a resource for my colleagues by sharing with them ideas and techniques, as well as my passion for helping all of God’s children to succeed. The MLC graduate program also gave me confidence when attending IEP meetings and other meetings with the school district. I began the special education program after sitting in an evaluation meeting with the school district and hearing that our school couldn’t service a child in the same way that the school district could. I can now tell the parents of our school how we can provide services for their child and, most importantly, teach their child about Jesus. I am very grateful to MLC for the education I have received.

Jill Wolf (BS Ed ’11, MS Ed– Special Education ’17)