Evangelism Day is Wednesday, November 1, 2023.

MLC Evangelism Day is dedicated to equipping MLC students to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, both in their personal lives and when they serve in the public ministry.


Opening Worship


Electives: All


Electives: All


Lunch: Juniors and Seniors  OR Electives: Freshmen and Sophomores


Lunch: Freshmen and Sophomores  OR Electives: Juniors and Seniors


Keynote: All – Becoming a Compassionate Witness – Rev. Dr. Timothy Bourman


Keynote Deep Dive or Social Hour for Students and Presenters in the Cafeteria

  1. Big Church = Bigger Outreach?? Rev. Doug Tomhave  Can a big church do outreach better? Are big churches growing bigger because they have more people and more to offer? Come and explore the outreach challenges and blessings of a big church and school ministry. A large percentage of you as future pastors, staff ministers and teachers will be called to a larger ministry. Pastor Tomhave, who has served 2 mission starts and is currently serving a big church and school, will explore with you some blessings and challenges of big ministry culture and how well equipped you already are to make a big difference in a big ministry’s outreach.
  2. How does one go from being an MLC graduate of 2002 to a Multicultural Evangelism presenter at MLC in 2023? – Mrs. Mollie Henrich  Come and find out one person’s journey to the joys of Multicultural Ministry”. Mollie Henrich is a former tutor/instructor, (Luther Prep School, Watertown Wisconsin) inner city teacher (Atonement Lutheran, Milwaukee, WI) , Theology adjunct (Wisconsin Lutheran High School, Milwaukee, WI), English as a Second Language professor (Wisconsin Lutheran College, Milwaukee, WI & Plzen, Czech Republic) and current public school teacher (Stouffville, Ontario) mother and pastor’s wife at Hope Lutheran Church, Toronto, Canada.
  3. What the transgender community taught me about our Savior – Rev. Nate Wordell  I was a student at MLC from 2008-2012 and a tutor from 2016-2018. I’ve been studying, writing about, and loving the members of the transgender community since 2014. The issue is more complex than I thought and the people are amazing. Best of all, John 1:29 is no joke and I keep learning that our Jesus is more amazing than I ever imagined.
  4. I Forgot That You Existed: Outreach to the Poor – Rev. Nate Loersch  Could Taylor Swift and tent city residents possibly have anything in common? What would it look like to evangelize each of them? Or, consider this: A 2001 Toyota Camry is parked on and off in your church/school parking lot, stuff piled to the brim. After a December evening sporting event, you see an older man with face tattoos and a few missing fingers sleeping inside the car. What do you do? This session will explore the unique challenges and opportunities of outreach to the poor (also… what defines “poor,” anyways?).
  5. Muslim Mission – Dr. Jordan  As Christianity was born in Asia still it has not  gained a deeper  foundation in Asia. The good news is that there is a great hunger for for the gospel over there. Let’s brainstorm together and cash this mandate God has given to reach Asia specially the Muslims and the Hindus. I was a medical doctor and  I am called to be a  pastor  for reaching out to Muslims and Hindus in Christ Lutheran Church, Pewaukee Wisconsin. It would be a great honor for me to share my  experience of evangelism among  Muslims and Hindus.
  6. Let the little children come. Matthew 19:14 – Mrs. Kristin Wessel  I am okay with the little children coming, but do they have to bring bodily fluids, building maintenance, biting, potty training, scheduling, billing and licensing? Matthew 19:14 is such a classic early childhood passage but when God said this he didn’t say all the fun baggage the little children would be bringing with them. Join me for a fun presentation as we discuss all the “joys” of sharing Jesus with the smallest yet boldest witnesses for Christ.
  7. Engaging Christianity- Rev. Sam Jeske  “All religions are superficially different, but fundamentally the same.” “I can live ‘my truth’ so long as my truth doesn’t hurt anyone.” “Science will eventually explain away the need for God.” “Love is love.” None of the above statements are phrased as questions, are they? After all, why question what, at surface level, seems obvious and even self-evident? But there are questions connected to statements like these that need to be asked – and you, dear Christian, are called to ask those questions – and answer them, too. You follow a Savior who is the beating heart of a faith that invites the world to engage it – just as it is a faith that engages the world. In this presentation, we’ll learn some biblical tactics for how we, as Christians, can engage the ideas of contemporary Western culture with the truth and love of the gospel; we’ll learn how to leverage evident existential needs we all have (i.e. truth, justice, love, and belonging) and how those needs are solely and sufficiently met in Christ. https://ourshepherdcp.breezechms.com/form/ilasurvey
  8.  “Not too spicy” – Rev. Tim Satorius  Hispanic Outreach The experiences of a missionary in different ministry settings throughout the US and Latin America with a look at reaching out to Hispanics in this country
  9. Music and Art in Evangelism – Rev. Terry Schultz  Learning is becoming more visually oriented than ever. Recorded music has never been so easily available. From Hip Hop music to Manga art, we will explore how contemporary mediums can be used to communicate the gospel, especially in multi-cultural settings.
  10. Curiosity, Compassion & Courage: Keys to Connecting People to Christ – Rev. Eric Roecker  Personal evangelism can be intimidating. It doesn’t need to be. Discover how simple curiosity about and compassion for the lost can overcome your fears and create the courage you need to connect people to Christ. Real-world examples and stories will illustrate how a few easy techniques can be used by any Christian to share the good news so many people need to hear.
  11. How to Use Your High School To Do More Outreach High School Outreach? – Mr. Dave Gartner  What’s that? Most people think about ways to use outreach to grow your grade school or your church, but should our evangelism ideas stop in high school? Don’t those need to grow too? My presentation will focus on how to use your high school as an outreach tool to share the gospel message to teens. I will also use ideas that were shared with me from across the United States from our WELS High School principals.
  12. Insecurities in Urban Ministry – Mr. Vince Hucek  Are you interested in the idea of urban ministry, but nervous about what that looks like? Insecurities are a common part of urban ministry, but we can overcome them by remembering that Jesus walks with us, full of grace and truth. In this session, examine the strengths and weaknesses you bring to the table, and consider how to handle common pitfalls that can arise along the way.
  13. Committing to Your Community: Why patience, perseverance, and personal relationships are vital to your church reaching your city – Mr. Phil Bischoff  Your city needs your church, even if it doesn’t know it yet. And, your church needs your city. God placed your church in a local community so it can be a beacon of hope and healing, and so it can learn and grow. In this session we’ll explore the impact your church can make when your city believes you care–truly care for it, with no expectation in return. We’ll dive into what it looks like practically for a church to have patience, perseverance and personal relationships in your city.
  14. Christ in the Marketplace of Ideas – Rev. Brian Wrobel  University students are incredible blessings to the Church, albeit often underutilized blessings. In university cities and towns there are opportunities for students to serve as leaders, musicians, active members, and local—even world—missionaries at the local congregation, in the community, on campus, and the world at our doorstep in these communities. Hear some of the current work that local ministries and our synod are doing in university settings; and explore some of the ways we can better meet the challenges and seek opportunities to gather and share Christ in today’s marketplace of ideas.
  15. Men and Women in Mission… Together! Mrs. Dawn Schulz and Rev. Ben Kratz In the full-time ministry, there are many opportunities where the complementary gifts of men and women are best used together. This practical presentation talks about how to better align the unique gifts of men and women within gospel ministry.