Evangelism Day is Wednesday, January 15, 2020.

MLC Evangelism Day is dedicated to equipping MLC students to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, both in their personal lives and when they serve in the public ministry.

8:30 – 9:20

Opening Worship

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Lunch: Student Body A-M  OR Electives: Student Body N-Z

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Lunch: Student Body N-Z  OR Electives: Student Body A-M

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Advisor/Advisee meetings

3:00 – 4:00

Social Hour for Students and Presenters in Cafeteria

The afternoon/evening sessions are open to students and to the public.

4:15 – 5:05 Elective #5 and #19
5:15 – 6:05 Elective #5 and #19
6:15 – 7:10 Dinner Break
7:15 – 7:45 Spanish/English Worship Service
  1. There they are…send them! Eric Roecker

We are often willing to support others who share the gospel but avoid doing so ourselves. How do we move from being cheerleaders to getting in the game?

  1. Ignite the Flame: Using School Outreach to Fuel Your Ministry Kelly Mellgren

The spark that changes lives is Jesus!  His mercy and grace fuels our ministries within our churches and schools. How do we use our ministry in our schools to ignite and encourage a passion for Christ in those who don’t know they need Him yet?  How do we build relationships with families within our communities that don’t go to our school or church?  Ignite the Flame delves into the practical outreach strategies for reaching out to those in your school and community to bring them what they need most – Jesus!

  1. Engaging skeptics in conversationGeoff Cortright

Jesus came to seek and to save the lost. And he sends us out to do just that. But let’s be honest, some people are just tougher nuts to crack than others. In a way, engaging skeptics or atheists in conversation is a bit like trying to open a coconut. They are tough nuts to crack. It’s incredibly difficult to get people firmly in Satan’s grasp to give ear to the Gospel. And even if you do, it feels incredibly easy to botch the opportunity so that your chance is spoiled. This session is about reaching those people. This session is not about finding the magic formula, the perfect apologetic argument that will work every time. This session will be a conversation about helping equip ourselves to gain the platform so that the power of the Gospel can go to work in God’s time. How can we better engage skeptics in conversation so the Gospel can work in their hearts? That is our question. Join mission pastor Geoff Cortright in this conversation. He will share from his experience trying to reach the lost in Vancouver, BC, the most unchurched city in North America. God willing we will all grow in finding more frequent and better opportunities to reach those who are lost in conversation.

  1. 3D Gospel: Evangelizing in honor/shame cultures.Aaron Wakeman

A fascinating and often overlooked fact: Our Western culture affects the way we understand the Gospel and share it with others. Would it surprise to you learn that a majority of the world’s people “see” Scripture through different lenses? What does this mean, Lutheran evangelists?  First we need to learn what it means to be an “Honor/Shame” culture, and how that view is different from our Western orientation. Then we will explore methods to help us more effectively share the Gospel in a culturally appropriate way. Whether you serve in Hangzhou or Hanoi or Hustisford, you will find opportunities to put this new knowledge into practice. Aaron Wakeman serves as the Director of Friends of China, and works with an expanding network of evangelists around the globe.

  1. Likes to Leaders: Turning social media into on-the-ground ministry opportunitiesAndrew and Cindy Johnston *Day and Evening Session Elective

How did we get 1.3 million people following “Academia Cristo” on social media in Latin America? Does that even matter or mean anything? How can social media followers become actual, on-the-ground people gathering around the means of grace? This presentation dives into our WELS mission work in Latin America specifically discussing a strategy of using everyday means of communication to reach people and plant churches. And, since the presenters are a couple who have spent most of the last 20 years in various foreign mission field, we will also touch on what it’s like to serve in a foreign field.

  1. Plan, Execute, Evaluate: Implementing congregational outreach – Jon Schroeder *Daylight Elective

You get assigned to a congregation that doesn’t have significant plans for outreach. What are your first steps as a pastor, teacher, or staff minister? How do you integrate outreach into your early childhood program, your worship events, your teen ministries? What are realistic expectations for your congregation/school size? Come and engage in a discussion of a broad array of outreach efforts and their implementation in school and church. We will talk about building plans that integrate multiple ministries, utilize media, emphasize lay involvement, and empower the church to share in Christ’s mission to call the elect to faith through the Gospel.

Pastor Jon Schroeder was called as a church planter to Sharpsburg, GA, and has served Faith Lutheran since its founding in 2001. The congregation of 600 members operates a preschool with 102 children enrolled.

  1. TRANSFORMED: Equipping Youth Leaders – Jon Enter

More than two-thirds of young adults who attended church regularly in high school will completely stop attending church after high school graduation. How sad! How spiritually dangerous! One of the greatest mission fields we have for the Church is in the church, in our pews…for now. The strategies we have used over the years to keep youth connected to the Sacraments and their Savior have not been fruitful for nearly 70% of young adults. Let’s give God something new to bless by examining how we can refocus our ministries to be less lecture or program based and to, Lord willing, transform youth in their relationship with Christ by the power of the gospel.

  1. Music and Art in EvangelismBrian Davison and Jason Jaspersen

Luther was a scholar and a theologian, but he also knew how valuable visual arts, music, and technology were in sharing and retaining the truths of God’s Word for the common people of his day.  We discuss why music, art, and technology still play a huge role in sharing the gospel today and what Koiné Worship Media is doing to empower churches with tools to do that well.

  1. Sharing Christ with Someone Living a Homosexual LifestyleBill Monday
The Fine Line Between Support and Approval — Great News! We Solved It
If you don’t have a friend, relative, co-worker, or anyone else in your rolodex who identifies with the LGBTQ Community, you are a statistical minority — and probably won’t be there for long. Conversations you never thought you’d encounter are now more likely than ever, and many are looking for a response from the Church with more grace and nuance than “God says it, that settles it.” Pastor Bill Monday, author of Rainbow Savior, has over a decade of pastoral experience addressing this challenge. He’s teamed up with the Reclamation Group, a multidisciplinary crew from the Twin Cities that gets together once a month to share resources, support families and friends of LGBTQ folks, and meet with other individuals who are sorting through their own sexuality in light of their faith. These combined forces are excited to share their experiences in showing love to our LGBTQ compatriots without compromising God’s design.
  1. Serving as Christian Witnesses in Today’s World – Donn Dobberstein

Ask anyone under age 30 and they will tell you how different the world is today from the one they grew up in.  Globalization through technology and travel, dominant postmodern philosophies, post-Christian culture, and extreme racial and cultural diversity make this a unique time to live as a Christian witness in the world. However, while the times and settings are changing, the message and the methods have not. This workshop will use two special Bible stories as examples that lead into discussion of witnessing strategies in the 21st century. Why? This is YOUR world and Christ is calling you to serve in it.

  1. Reaching the unchurched through high schoolsJessica Spieglberg, Phil Huebner, Kevin Festerling

Reaching unchurched students through high schools is an opportunity to cultivate their personal relationship with God as they gain an understanding of who God is.  While this opportunity brings challenges for the students as well as the teacher, it also gives a way to see God’s handiwork unfold in not only your own relationship with God, but also in that of your students

  1. Outside Looking In: Witnessing to Unbelievers – Jill McKinley

Jill will tell the story of how she became a WELS Christian and discuss her experiences with evangelism both before and after her conversion. You will hear a unique perspective on the keys to reaching people with a personalized message of Christ’s love and salvation.

  1. Mission Start: How do I do this?- Jon Quinn

As you continue to prepare for full time gospel ministry do you ever envision Call Day? Do you picture the church and parishoners you will serve? Do you picture the school and the students? Do you imagine the programs already in place, the established ministries that you will now be a part of – the weekly and monthly and yearly rhythm of congregational life?  It’s pretty exciting to think about! Now imagine that you are called not to serve an existing church, but to be part of starting a brand new one. Exciting? Yes. Scary? Probably. What do you do when you’re called to serve in a place where there are no church or school buildings, no programs to speak of, no people? How do you plant a church? Pastor Quinn serves a mission congregation in the ever-growing area of Charleston, South Carolina. He will share lessons learned while planting a congregation in the southeastern United States. Come and see the prayer, planning, preparation, and people, which are all a part of starting a WELS mission.

  1. Reaching out with the Gospel to MormonsJon Leach

Many of us struggle with sharing our faith. We will look at five simple witnessing principles which have changed the way thousands of people approach witnessing. Opportunities and support to put these principles into action by witnessing to Mormons will also be offered.

  1. Early Childhood Ministry: A Mission Field?- Cindi Holman

Early childhood as a ministry and early childhood a mission field? Did you know that everyday over 11,000 children walk through the doors of approximately 390 WELS centers all over the country? Many are children from our congregations and yet many have not heard about Jesus or have no church home. What an amazing opportunity! What an incredible responsibility! The mission field right in our own buildings! Join me as we talk about how WELS is utilizing our early childhood ministries as a way to tell “the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, his power, and the wonders he has done.” Ps. 78:4.

  1. Offensively Lutheran (without Giving Offense) – Joel Seifert

When you’re living in a post-Christian culture where Bible-believing Christians are mocked or attacked, it’s easy to get defensive – but there’s no need.  Pastor Seifert shares lessons from his experience in a mountain west resort town that had “moved on” from Christianity – where he also served as a frequent guest presenter representing Biblical Lutherans on an inter-faith panel and in a men’s debate club made up of doctors, business leaders, rabbis, university professors – and a midwestern raised confessional Lutheran preacher.  In settings where Christianity is most mocked, you have an incredible chance to boldly and lovingly set forth the treasure of the Gospel.

  1. Evangelism Now: A curriculum for making disciples who make disciplesMike Hartman

Academia Cristo prepares Christians from all walks of life to share Jesus with those around them. Missionary Mike Hartman shares the story of the development of Academia Cristo’s training program and key takeaways useful in many ministry settings.

  1. Evangelism Isn’t Easy Cheryl Loomis, Ben Clemons, Paul Grubbs, Paul Koester

Panelists will share stories of evangelism challenges they faced in mission ministry and parish work.  In addition, participants will be invited to ask questions about the difficulties of evangelism, about handling tough situations … about whatever concerns that you may have.

  1. Evangelism in Times of CrisisProf. Ross Stelljes *Day and Evening Session Elective

“God moves in a mysterious way his wonders to perform,” including during times of crisis. Listen to real-life stories of personal crises in the lives of members, prospective members, and called workers, and see how God used these crises to open doors for gospel witnessing.

  1. Military in our Midst; Serving Those Who Serve – Mike Tracy

Every church in America is touched in some way by someone that is serving or has served in the military. There may be members of your community, even your congregation who are themselves suffering from the unhealed wounds of war, past and present, or have family members who do. MSgt (Ret) Tracy and family will be presenting on the WELS Ministry to the Military, providing ideas, resources, and unique opportunities for WELS congregations, pastors, teachers, and staff ministers to participate in this special ministry.

  1. Praise and Proclaim Evangelism Training Dave Malnes *Daylight Elective

Be equipped to apply a simplified approach to comfortably engage and proclaim the gospel to friends, strangers, and family members.

  1. Defending Your Faith: Being prepared to give a REASON for the hope we have!Michael Geiger

John Wooden of basketball coaching fame said to his players, “When opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare.”  Have you ever found yourself fumbling for words to say when a question of faith comes up?  Do you start sweating when someone challenges a truth of Scripture or the Scripture itself?  Would you like to be better prepared to answer with confidence questions and challenges others have about the Christian faith?  This workshop will give you five practical steps to help you be better prepared for the next opportunity to engage in a faith conversation!

  1. Get Together to Get Jesus Out Enhancing Staff Relationships for Accomplishing Congregational EvangelismTom Plitzuweit

Learners will discuss the biblical principles of Christian relationships in a congregational setting, especially staff relationships, and apply those relationships in the area of evangelism.  Practical ideas will be shared for assessing and intentionally building relationships for an intentional outreach effort. Various ministry settings will be talked about including small and large congregations but especially congregations with schools and the interaction of teaching and pastoral staff.

  1. It’s Relationships, Relationships, Relationships, for School Outreach – Jim Rademan

Our schools and early childhood ministries can be a tremendous tool for connecting unchurched prospects with the people and programs of congregational ministry. In this workshop, participants discuss the need for a well-planned strategy for congregations and schools to build relationships with the school children and their families, to develop an organized program for nurturing those relationships, and to strive to lead them to instruction in the Word. It’s the gospel that unites and motivates people doing ministry and compels them by the love of Christ to use the gospel in strategic ways to harvest souls for the kingdom.