Evangelism Day is Wednesday, November 3, 2021.

MLC Evangelism Day is dedicated to equipping MLC students to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, both in their personal lives and when they serve in the public ministry.

8:30 – 9:20

Opening Worship

9:30 – 10:20

Electives: All

10:30 – 11:20

Electives: All

11:30 – 12:20

Lunch: Student Body A-M  OR Electives: Student Body N-Z

12:30 – 1:20

Lunch: Student Body N-Z  OR Electives: Student Body A-M

1:30 – 2:20

Electives: All

2:30 – 3:00

Advisor/Advisee meetings

3:00 – 4:00

Social Hour for Students and Presenters in Cafeteria

The evening session is open to students and the public and will be in the cafeteria conference center.

6:00 – 7:00 Presentation on WELS Canada
7:15 – 7:45 Special  Chapel Service
  1. Being comfortable with the uncomfortable (only offered once at 10:30 -11:20 am) – Dan and Karen Kroll, missionaries in Lilongwe, Malawi
    We do not need to be afraid of the times that the Lord pushes us out of our comfort zone because we know he will provide, equip, and even reward our efforts.
  2. WELS-Canada “Being all things to all people for the sake of the gospel. – Harland Goetzinger
    Canada has English as one of its official languages. Canada has McDonald’s and Burger King and Red Lobster. One could easily conclude that Canada is just like the US. What a mistaken notion. Canada is a nation where immigrant languages and cultures are encouraged and nourished. One needs to wipe away all stereotypes and learn how to be all things to all people for the sake of the gospel.
  3. Finding the Lost Children of Abraham – Mike Duncan
    As we begin the 21st century God is opening doors like never before for the nations of Islam.  Learn how to connect with your Muslim neighbor in simple, practical and positive ways.  Michael Duncan, a missionary to two Muslim nations and one Hindu nation, will share insights from those who have dedicated their lives to finding the lost sons of Abraham.
  4. How Real Is Heaven In Your Mind, Heart and Life? – Dan Kramer
    Participate in a discussion about making eternal friendships, cross-cultural experiences and connections, Friends Network and all things Vietnam.
    Bio: Missionary Dan Kramer has over 20 years experience reaching out to the Vietnamese community in Boise, Idaho and beyond.  He serves as pastor to Peace In Jesus Lutheran Church, is training 2 men to be pastors through the Pastoral Studies Institute of our Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary and also serves as vice-president of the Friends Network board.
  5. Will Anything Grow Here? – Embrace the God-Given Challenge of Mission Work in a Hard Harvest Field – Jeremiah Gumm
    “You want me to restart a mission where?” A 30-year-old congregation without a full-time pastor for the past ten years in a building known locally as “the abandoned church on the corner.” An economically hurting region known more for its hundreds of inches of snow than its economic vitality. A spiritually hurting region where many want nothing to do with church because they had been burned by clergy or church in the past. Would anything grow there? By God’s grace, it did and still does today. The Lord often sends his workers into harvest fields where the work is often challenging and frustrating. Yet with God’s help, such challenging situations can become God-given opportunities to harvest souls one-by-one for Christ. In this presentation, you will be encouraged to look for the unique, sometimes subtle, often surprising ways that the Lord will bless your labors wherever he plants you.
  6. A Stadium for our Savior – How The World’s Most Popular Sport Can Give Us A Field For Sharing Jesus – Joel Schulz
    How do we get permission and opportunity to share the gospel with people? Pastor Joel Schulz shares his story of how he discovered the game of soccer can give us opportunities to do just that. Not only can we share the gospel with children, but build relationships with their families and connect their families with churches. When the world changed in 2020, building relationships for the gospel became all the more challenging. But God continued making it possible to share the gospel around playing a game. Find out how food, fun, music, and message can happen anytime and anywhere to give unhurried time and opportunity for connection and conversation… so that not only friendship can take place… but lives can be changed with Jesus.
  7. A Crash Course in Church Planting: The Planter – Matt Vogt
    WELS has committed to starting 100 new mission churches over the next 10 years. Do you have what it takes to be a church planter? What characteristics and attitudes do you need to possess (or develop!) if you get assigned to start a new church? Mission Counselor Matt Vogt, who helped plant two churches, establish two cross-cultural ministries, and found a world mission field, shares compelling insights into the characteristics and attitudes, which will serve you well if the Lord has you in mind to plant a new gospel outpost. (This presentation focuses on the “planter” aspect of church planting while Pastor Matt Rothe’s presentation focuses on the “church” aspect of church planting. The two presentations pair like peanut butter and jelly.)
  8. A Crash Course in Church Planting: The Church – Matt Rothe
    WELS has committed to starting 100 new mission churches over the next 10 years. Imagine you are assigned to one of these new mission starts. Where do you start? How do you plant a church? Matt Rothe, pastor of a mission church and a coach to mission pastors, gives a highly practical yet deeply personal “crash course” breaking down the nuts and bolts of planting a church. (This presentation focuses on the “church” aspect of church planting while Pastor Matt Vogt’s presentation focuses on the “planter” aspect of church planting. The two presentations pair like peanut butter and jelly.)
  9. Reaching out with the Gospel to those with special needs Joel Gaertner and Patrick Feldhus
    In our world where those who are thought to be “different” or “disabled” are often shoved aside, this large segment of our population is yearning for opportunities and is eager to become part of a faith community. It is estimated that about 3% of Americans (nearly 10 million people) have an intellectual or developmental disability and 80% of this part of our country’s population do not feel welcomed in church. These precious souls are an enormous mission field ripe for the gospel. This session will introduce you to a vast amount of resources available to assist you and your congregation in sharing the message of salvation through Jesus with people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. Information will also be provided on how you can get involved with this ministry while still in college.
  10. Disciple-Making Youth Ministries –Brandon Steenbock
    Jesus said, “Go and make disciples,” and if we have a passion for youth ministry we want it to be an amazing engine for fulfilling that commission. We want to inspire teens to be on fire, Gospel-speaking, Jesus-preaching, lost-soul-reaching evangelists – and we want our youth ministry to make it happen. But generations of youth ministers and church researchers have discovered what the Bible told us along – disciple-making teens are teens who have been discipled in spiritually vibrant homes. In this session, we’ll talk about the two factors that make a home spiritually vibrant, and how a home-focused youth ministry can get us there.
  11. Lord of the Rings and Lannisters: Developing A Pauline “As Your Own Poets Have Said” ApologeticLuke Thompson
    Over the past eight years, Illuminé campus ministry in Ottawa has specialized in presentations on secular university campuses that discuss culture and the arts in a way that can start conversations about the Biblical God. We call this an “As Your Own Poets Have Said” apologetic. Join us for an example of this: An exploration of fantasy fiction in literature and film.
  12. Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast – Eric Roecker
    The Role Called Workers Play in Shaping a Healthy Congregational Culture
    What is culture? What all is included in culture?  People tend to think of “culture” as the traditions, preferences, and habits of a group. But culture goes even deeper than that.  It includes the thoughts and values (often subconscious) that determine why we do what we do, or why we don’t do what we should do.  In the business world, every successful leader knows that a brilliant business strategy is doomed to fail if there isn’t a healthy culture supporting the strategy. Hence the phrase, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” The Church is not a business; however, the same principle applies.  Church leaders may have well-intentioned goals and a wonderful strategic plan to achieve them. If the congregational culture is unhealthy, it will be extremely hard for that plan to be executed.  The most important aspect of congregational health? That the congregation is “built on the foundation of the prophets and apostles, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone” (Ephesians 2:20). The second most important aspect of congregational health? Congregational culture. In this presentation, we will look at examples of both healthy and unhealthy congregational culture. And we will discuss the vital role called workers play in shaping that culture.
  13. Mistakes from 30+ years of Cross Cultural Ministry-. Do better than me, please! – Mark Henrich
    Which mistake was the worst? You be the judge. But more than that, let’s have an open talk about the challenges and joys of cross cultural ministry. We know the mission – “Go into all the world!” Yet the reality is we often are challenged to carry out this mission in our congregations, in our schools and in our personal lives. Why is this so hard?
  14. Is my Spanish good enough? – Ryan Kolander
    Do you have a passion or an interest for reaching into Latino communities with the gospel? Are you also worried about doing ministry in Spanish or causing cultural offense? Pastor Kolander will work to answer your questions about reaching out, preaching, and teaching in Spanish. He’ll share his own experiences: the worries and fails across language and culture, as well as the intense joys of multicultural work. He’ll also share the nuts and bolts of what his congregation is doing to reach into and connect with Southwest Detroit’s wonderful Hispanic community. He hopes you’ll walk away with more excitement and confidence for the work, a few tools in your pocket, ways to grow in your Spanish language confidence, and a picture of what it might look like for you to be serving in such a mission field!
  15. Praise and Proclaim Evangelism Training (This double session when paired with # 16 fulfills the Daylight requirement) – Dave Malnes
    Learn how to be equipped and feel confident to engage people, gain an audience, and provide a gospel message in any situation. This includes friends, neighbors, and unchurched parents picking up their kid at church. Our training will conclude with a meaningful exercise called “speed witnessing.” This is a fun opportunity for students to immediately put their training into action in a variety of different settings.
  16. Plan, Execute, Evaluate: Implementing congregational outreach (This double session when paired with # 15 fulfills the Daylight requirement) – Jon Schroeder
    You get assigned to a congregation that doesn’t have significant plans for outreach. What are your first steps as a pastor, teacher, or staff minister? How do you integrate outreach into your early childhood program, your worship events, your teen ministries? What are realistic expectations for your congregation/school size? Come and engage in a discussion of a broad array of outreach efforts and their implementation in school and church. We will talk about building plans that integrate multiple ministries, utilize media, emphasize lay involvement, and empower the church to share in Christ’s mission to call the elect to faith through the Gospel. Pastor Jon Schroeder was called as a church planter to Sharpsburg, GA, and has served Faith Lutheran since its founding in 2001. The congregation of 600 members operates a preschool with 102 children enrolled.
  17. How to Use Your High School To Do More Outreach? – Dave Gartner
    High School Outreach? What’s that? Most people think about ways to use outreach to grow your grade school or your church, but should our evangelism ideas stop in high school? Don’t those need to grow too? My presentation will focus on how to use your high school as an outreach tool to share the gospel message to teens.  I will also use ideas that were shared with me from across the United States from our WELS High School principals.
  18. Let the little children come – Kristin Mantey
    I am okay with the children coming, but do they have to bring bodily fluids, building maintenance, biting, potty training, scheduling, billing and licensing?  Matthew 19:14 is such a classic early childhood passage but when God said this he didn’t say all the fun baggage the little children would be bringing with them.  Join us for a fun presentation as we discuss all the “joys” of sharing Jesus with the smallest yet boldest witnesses for Christ.
  19. Urban ministry – Aaron Robinson
    Urban Ministry is more than walking around the city walls. We must go in and get involved. Learners will be discussing what makes ministry in urban settings different from rural or suburban settings. We will break down walls that have been built up concerning urban ministry and explore how we can be effective in our urban ministries.
  20. Evangelism Can Happen Here Too!  The Power of a Mission Mindset in a Rural Setting. – Mike Kuschel
    A small town tucked away in the middle of farm country, a sprawling suburban area teeming with new housing developments, a bustling urban center rich with obvious cultural diversity – what do these places all have in common?  Sinners live in all these places, and they all need the good news of Jesus.  Over the last few years there has been a wonderful focus on urban ministry.  A whole division of study at MLC has been created to learn the challenges and blessings of being a pastor, teacher, or staff minister in an expanding field of opportunity.  Vicars have been sent off into busy suburban and urban areas to whet their appetite for gospel ministry.  This is good and wonderful, yet the odds are that a good number of MLC and Seminary graduates will be sent out to serve schools and congregations that are in a much different setting.  This presentation serves as a useful counterbalance to the recent urban ministry emphasis as we consider the continuing opportunities for outreach and evangelism in rural America.  May the word of God and the ongoing work of His Church encourage us to have a heart for ministry everywhere, including small towns and rural settings.  May this presentation encourage you to bloom wherever the Lord plants you!
  21. Setting Souls Free: Sharing Jesus’ Peace with Walled-in Souls! Prison Ministry – Darren Green
    How do you share the gospel with someone filled with guilt or young in faith? In jail and prison ministry, this is a common scenario. In this presentation we will look at a few passages that I have used and found works well to guide souls to see the light of Christ. I’ll share an evangelism presentation that may be helpful in your ministry and also give you an opportunity to learn about prison and jail ministry.
  22. Serving as Christian Witnesses in Today’s World – Donn Dobberstein
    Globalization through technology and travel, dominant postmodern philosophies, post-Christian culture, and extreme racial and cultural diversity make this a unique time to live as a Christian witness in the world. However, while the times and settings are changing, the message and the methods have not. This workshop will use two special Bible stories as examples that lead into discussion of witnessing strategies in the 21st century
  23. Defending Your Faith: Being prepared to give a REASON for the hope we have! Doug Tomhave
    What scares you most about the term “defending your faith”?
    • Not knowing what to say when confronted?
    • Worry about sounding dumb?
    • Not being able to win a basic religious argument when you are studying to be a full time called worker?
    Come and discover that giving the REASON for the hope we have may be far less daunting than you think.  Let’s look at “defending the faith” through a different lens and come up with some strategies and goals that get to the heart of what God is actually encouraging.