Evangelism Day is Wednesday, January 16, 2019.

MLC Evangelism Day is dedicated to equipping MLC students to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, both in their personal lives and when they serve in the public ministry.

8:30 – 9:20

Opening Worship

9:30 – 10:20

Electives: All

10:30 – 11:20

Electives: All

11:30 – 12:20

Lunch: Student Body A-M  OR Electives: Student Body N-Z

12:30 – 1:20

Lunch: Student Body N-Z  OR Electives: Student Body A-M

1:30 – 2:20

Electives: All

2:30 – 3:00

Advisor/Advisee meetings

3:00 – 4:00

Social Hour for Students and Presenters in Cafeteria



  1.  JESUS on the REZ – Chris Mundstock & Joe Dietrich

The 1st  WELS World Mission is 125 years old! Come learn of the challenges and joys of strengthening the WELS oldest mission on the Apache Reservation, equipping Native leaders and making plans to share the Gospel to the other 325 tribes in America!

  1. You are a World MissionaryLarry Schlomer

No matter where God sends you, his plans for your ministry will always include witnessing.  In this day and age our witness often carries a worldwide flavor.  Come learn how God has used WELS pastors, staff ministers, and teachers no matter where they are located to reach into the farthest corners of the earth.  Get ready for him to use you too.

  1. How To Witness To MuslimsMike Duncan

You don’t have to go to the Middle East to witness to Muslims. God is bringing the mission field to us! Learn how to witness to Muslims in a simple, positive, and practical way.

  1. Friends of VietnamDan Kramer

Sending individuals to Vietnam to teach English and witness their faith in private settings.  Building relationships and sharing Jesus with new friends in Vietnam!

  1. Keys to Capitalizing on Cross-Cultural Opportunities – Matt Vogt

Look around you! The world mission field is coming to us.  Our churches throughout the country are surrounded by people from a wide variety of nations.  It is very likely that your ministry will include numerous cross-cultural opportunities.  In fact, many of our cross-cultural missions are themselves doing ministry across cultures.  What do you need to know?  How will you break down barriers to “see to it that no one misses the grace of God”?  What can you do to prepare yourself and your congregation to open your doors and your hearts to those souls – souls with whom you have more, rather than less, in common? Pastor Matt Vogt served for 21 years at Water of Life Lutheran Church in Las Vegas, NV, where he and his congregation served people of numerous cultures.  There he also trained and oversaw the ministries of two cross-cultural pastors (Korean and Liberian).  Currently Pastor Vogt serves our church body as the Western Regional Mission Counselor, where he has opportunity to counsel a wide variety of cross-cultural ministry efforts.

  1. Reaching out with the Gospel to those with special needsJoel Gaertner

In our world where those who are thought to be “different” or “disabled” are often shoved aside, this large segment of our population is yearning for opportunities and is eager to become part of a faith community. It is estimated that about 3% of Americans (nearly 10 million people) have an intellectual or developmental disability and 80% of this part of our country’s population do not feel welcomed in church. These precious souls are an enormous mission field ripe for the gospel. This session will introduce you to a vast amount of resources available to assist you and your congregation in sharing the message of salvation through Jesus with people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. Information will also be provided on how you can get involved with this ministry while still in college.

  1. Youth Ministry That Counts Zack Gebert

Youth ministry can be an amazing opportunity to connect young people to the gospel of Jesus and equip them to live their faith. It can also be a fruitless black hole of time and energy that sucks the joy out of ministry. But whether youth ministry is a footnote to an exhaustive job description or is the central focus of your call, this unique scope of ministry demands planning, recruiting, and lots of love to work.

This workshop will use real-life examples of successes and failures in student ministry to both challenge some of the assumptions of what makes youth ministry work and then lay out some principles for building a sustainable and fruitful student ministry. Come planning to share your own experiences and ideas and to play some games as well!

  1. Lannisters and Logic: Lutheran Apologetics in the 21st CenturyLuke Thompson

Paul said his belief in the resurrection is true and reasonable. And Peter told us to always be prepared to give an answer. Are you ready to give an answer to how your trust in Christ is true and reasonable? From Ecclesiastes declaring everything is meaningless apart from the biblical worldview to John’s testimony of the risen Jesus making everything meaningful, join us as we explore the role of reason in the sharing of the gospel in our current culture.

  1. Sharing Christ with Someone Living a Homosexual LifestyleBill Monday

For over a decade in ministry, Pastor Bill Monday has encountered many Christian people struggling with the issue of homosexuality in our culture – whether souls struggling with their own SSA (Same Sex Attraction) or struggling with how to address SSA in the life of others or a culture entangled by it.  In his work on this issue (Rainbow Savior), Pastor Monday has set out to address this topic systematically.  In his efforts, he has also been able to help assemble a team of people who can speak authoritatively on this issue from the Scriptures and from their experiences.  Dr. Joshua Mears from Christian Family Solutions will be joining Pastor Monday along with a young man who struggles with SSA but is daily picking up his cross in Christ.  Join us for key concepts from Pastor Monday’s book and also for questions and answers from Dr. Mears and another invited guest.  Come and understand our culture better on issues of SSA and from those who struggle that we might become better evangelists to the LGBTQ community.

  1. Church PlantingMatt Rothe

This presentation will tell the story of 12 dedicated families, 1 rookie pastor, and a one-year-old church that is determined to take the changeless gospel to an ever-changing world. You will learn the nuts and bolts of starting a mission church as well as a mission mindset that can be applied in any mission field.

  1. Doing Ministry in SpanishRyan Kolander

Do you want to discover how to become 100% fluent in Spanish in just 6 months? Want to unlock the ability to stick the law to someone in your second language? Want to figure out the keys to perfectly engaging another culture with the gospel? Then don’t come to this workshop! Here we will discuss a few things I have learned about reaching out with the gospel in a second language. The goal is that you walk away informed, inspired, and a little more equipped to do the same.


How the world’s most popular sport can give us a field for sharing Jesus with people who don’t know Him yet. The beautiful idea about using the beautiful game to share the beautiful news.

Come learn the why’s and how’s of reaching your community with Soccer Camp.

  1. From Principal to Early Childhood – Using our Lutheran Schools to do more OutreachDave Gartner

Our rural school grew from 89 students to 162 in 8 years while our city population stayed at 5200. Rural WELS church and school numbers don’t always have to be declining. Hear how the Lord blessed us and our efforts and kindled an excitement for ministry throughout our church and school. My hope and prayer for my time with you is to share how God gave us success and that I can give you ideas to bring with you when you are serving in a rural ministry setting or want to share with loved ones in another ministry setting.

  1. Let the little children come.  Matthew 19:14Kristin Mantey

I am okay with the children coming, but do they have to bring bodily fluids, building maintenance, biting, potty training, scheduling, billing and licensing?  Matthew 19:14 is such a classic early childhood passage but when God said this he didn’t say all the fun baggage the little children would be bringing with them.  Join us for a fun presentation as we discuss all the “joys” of sharing Jesus with the smallest yet boldest witnesses for Christ.

  1. Daughter ChurchesGunnar Ledermann

How daughter churches offer unique opportunities to help to reach even more souls.

  1. Urban ministryAaron Robinson

Urban Ministry is more than walking around the city walls. We must go in and get involved.

Learners will be discussing what makes ministry in urban settings different than rural or suburban settings. We will break down walls that have been built up concerning urban ministryand explore how we can be effective in our urban ministries.

  1. #TeamEvangelism – Pastor Kurt Wetzel & Staff Minister Kristen Koepsell

As a called worker, you’ll be doing ministry as a team–with all the challenges and blessings that come along with it! Let’s talk about how to organize and utilize your team effectively for efficient gospel outreach. Go team!

  1. Mission Work and Outreach in Rural America – Mike Kuschel

When we think of mission work and outreach opportunities we might commonly associate that type of ministry with far-flung locations, fast-growing suburban developments, or thriving urban settings. Does an assignment from MLC or WLS to a small-town ministry setting somehow mean that there will be no mission work or outreach opportunities?  Or can we see small town ministry as a field that is ripe with particular opportunities? Come and hear how God has blessed a local small town ministry and join the discussion as we seek to cultivate a mission mindset in all our pastors, teachers, and staff ministers wherever they are called to serve.

  1. Evangelism Isn’t Easy Cheryl Loomis, Ben Clemons, Paul Grubbs, Paul Spaude

Panelists will share stories of evangelism challenges they faced in mission ministry and parish work.  In addition, participants will be invited to ask questions about the difficulties of evangelism, about handling tough situations … about whatever concerns that you may have.

  1. Evangelism in Times of CrisisProf. Ross Stelljes

“God moves in a mysterious way his wonders to perform,” including during times of crisis. Listen to real-life stories of personal crises in the lives of members, prospective members, and called workers, and see how God used these crises to open doors for gospel witnessing.

  1. Breaking into Prison (Ministry)Dave Hochmuth

WELS Prison Ministry Administrator Dave Hochmuth describes the challenges of sharing Jesus with those impacted by incarceration, and the overwhelming joy and fulfillment Jesus gives to those who step out in faith to meet those challenges. Through journeying with a close family member that spent four years behind bars, Jesus gave Mr. Hochmuth a heart for the lost and straying there and opened his eyes to the unmet needs and amazing evangelism opportunities that God is equipping his children, including college students, to fill.

  1. Serving as Christian Witnesses in Today’s World – Phil Huebner

Globalization through technology and travel, dominant postmodern philosophies, post-Christian culture, and extreme racial and cultural diversity make this a unique time to live as a Christian witness in the world. However, while the times and settings are changing, the message and the methods have not. This workshop will use two special Bible stories as examples that lead into discussion of witnessing strategies in the 21st century.

  1. Defending Your Faith: Being prepared to give a REASON for the hope we have!Michael Geiger

John Wooden of basketball coaching fame said to his players, “When opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare.”  Have you ever found yourself fumbling for words to say when a question of faith comes up?  Do you start sweating when someone challenges a truth of Scripture or the Scripture itself?  Would you like to be better prepared to answer with confidence questions and challenges others have about the Christian faith?  This workshop will give you five practical steps to help you be better prepared for the next opportunity to engage in a faith conversation!

  1. Get Together to Get Jesus Out Enhancing Staff Relationships for Accomplishing Congregational EvangelismPaul Steinberg

Learners will discuss the biblical principles of Christian relationships in a congregational setting, especially staff relationships, and apply those relationships in the area of evangelism.  Practical ideas will be shared for assessing and intentionally building relationships for an intentional outreach effort. Various ministry settings will be talked about including small and large congregations but especially congregations with schools and the interaction of teaching and pastoral staff.

  1. It’s Relationships, Relationships, Relationships, for School Outreach – Jim Rademan

Our schools and early childhood ministries can be a tremendous tool for connecting unchurched prospects with the people and programs of congregational ministry. In this workshop, participants discuss the need for a well-planned strategy for congregations and schools to build relationships with the school children and their families, to develop an organized program for nurturing those relationships, and to strive to lead them to instruction in the Word. It’s the gospel that unites and motivates people doing ministry and compels them by the love of Christ to use the gospel in strategic ways to harvest souls for the kingdom.