Photo of Stephen Balza Stephen Balza

Office: WCC 133

Director of Alumni Relations

Photo of Grace Bases Grace Bases

Office: LIB 108

Technical Services Manager

Photo of Lynda Bauer Lynda Bauer

Office: WCC 128 Ext. 297

Photo of Mark D Bauer Mark Bauer

Office: WCC 104 Director of Financial Aid

Photo of Jeffrey Beilke Jeffrey Beilke


Photo of Christine Benzing Christine Benzing

Administrative Receptionist

Photo of Sarah Berg Sarah Berg


B.S. Dr. Martin Luther College, New Ulm, MN

Photo of Tami Board Tami Board

Office: WCC 134 Data Management Specialist

Photo of Lynn Boesch Lynn Boesch

Office: WCC 034

Administrative Assistant for Graphic Arts

Photo of Natalie Borgwardt Natalie Borgwardt

Lead Teacher, Early Childhood Learning Center

BS Dr. Martin Luther College, New Ulm, MN

Photo of Valerie Bovee Valerie Bovee

Office: WCC 102

Financial Aid Operations Assistant

Photo of Diana Burt Diana Burt

Office: WCC 111

Administrative Assistant to the President

Photo of Steven Burt Steven Burt

Lead Maintenance

Photo of Geraldine Conrad Geraldine Conrad
Photo of Randall Cox Randall Cox

Office: LSC 175

Director of the Academic Success Center
Assistant Athletic Director
Head Baseball Coach
Assistant Football Coach - Inside Linebackers Coach

BA Secondary Education, Wisconsin Lutheran College, Milwaukee, WI
Masters coursework Western Michigan University

Photo of Jackie Dalueg Jackie Dalueg

Office: WCC 102

Student Accounts Receivable

Photo of Sheree Danell Sheree Danell

Office: LSC 170

Administrative Assistant to Athletics

Photo of Kelly Diersen Kelly Diersen

Office: WCC 152 Administrative Assistant to the Academic Deans

Photo of Hannah Dinse Hannah Dinse

Assistant Teacher

Photo of Aimee Duncan Aimee Duncan

Antigua Teacher

Photo of Gina Dunham Gina Dunham
Photo of Kevin Exe Kevin Exe


Photo of Lisa Fenske Lisa Fenske

Assistant to Graduate Studies and Continuing Education

Photo of Valerie Fischer Valerie Fischer

Office: WCC 116 Communications Specialist

Photo of Bryanne Freitag Bryanne Freitag

Office: WCC 158A Department: Human Resources Position: Administrative Assistant

Photo of Richard Furth Richard Furth

Maintenance Technician

Photo of Michelle Gartner Michelle Gartner

Office: WCC 139

Event Coordinator

Photo of Laurie Gauger-Hested Laurie Gauger-Hested

Office: WCC 137 Writer/Editor

Photo of Michael Gibbons Michael Gibbons

Office: LSC 052

Sports Information Director

Photo of Joe Goor Joe Goor


Photo of Wade Greenwaldt Wade Greenwaldt

Office: WCC 074

Lead Custodial

Photo of Michelle Grubbs Michelle Grubbs

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Gwynne Gutzke Gwynne Gutzke

Fitness Center

Photo of Bradley Hale Bradley Hale


Photo of Pamela Heidtke Pamela Heidtke

Office: WCC 132


Photo of Linda Henning Linda Henning
Photo of Paul Henning Paul Henning

Custodial and Grounds

Photo of Kristopher Hoffmann Kristopher Hoffmann
Photo of Janet Holm Janet Holm

Assistant Toddler Teacher

Photo of Emma Holzhueter Emma Holzhueter

Fitness Center Manager & Athletics Support
Office: LSC 080
Ext. 113 or 233-9113

Photo of Kelsey Horn Kelsey Horn

Office: LSC Nurses Office, Main Floor


Photo of Carla Hulke Carla Hulke

Office: WCC 103

Director of Finance

Todd Hulke

Environmental Services

Photo of Peter Hussmann Peter Hussmann
Photo of Kenneth Jones Kenneth Jones

Office: WCC 291

Network Support Services

Photo of Megan Kassuelke Megan Kassuelke

Office: LSC 103

International Coordinator, PDSO

BA St. Olaf College, Northfield MN: Economics

Photo of Elizabeth Klugherz Elizabeth Klugherz

Early Childhood Learning Center Director

Photo of Gwen Kral Gwen Kral

Office: WCC 116

Records Office Coordinator

Photo of Linda Kramer Linda Kramer

Office: LIB 106 Director of Library Services MLS, Library Science, Indiana University BS Library Science and Audiovisual Instruction, University of North Dakota BA English, University of North Dakota

Photo of Heather Kressin Heather Kressin

Lead Teacher, Early Childhood Learning Center

B.S. Martin Luther College, New Ulm, MN

Photo of JoElyn Krohn JoElyn Krohn

Office: WCC 238

Financial Literacy Coordinator

MS Minnesota State University, Mankato, MN
BA Concordia University, St Paul, MN

Photo of Katherine Lotito Katherine Lotito

Office: LIB 020A

Media Specialist and Reference Librarian

Photo of Robert Martens Robert Martens

Office: WCC 291 Webmaster/Technician B.S. in Education, Martin Luther College M.A. in IT Leadership, The College of Saint Scholastica

Photo of Benjamin Matzke Benjamin Matzke

Office: WCC 272 Audio Visual Services Coordinator

Photo of Leah M Matzke Leah Matzke

Office: WCC 138

Web Content Manager

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts, with a Communication and Graphic Design emphasis, Bethany Lutheran College, Mankato, MN,

Photo of Ginger Melzer Ginger Melzer

Office: WCC 102

Accounts Payable, Payroll

Photo of Jack Minch Jack Minch

Late Night Food Service Manager

Photo of Janice Nass Janice Nass

Office: LIB 108

Serials Manager

Photo of Benjamin Olson Benjamin Olson

Assistant Coach

Photo of John Paulsen John Paulsen

Office: WCC 170B

Interim Safety Director

Professor Emeritus

Photo of Constance Paustian Constance Paustian

Office: WCC 100


Photo of Amy Pearson Amy Pearson

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach

Photo of Stephen Pearson Stephen Pearson

Assistant Coach

Photo of Deborah Plath Deborah Plath

Office: WCC 111 Administrative Assistant to the Vice-President for Academics

Photo of Timothy Rambow Timothy Rambow

Lead Grounds

Photo of James Rathje James Rathje

Office: WCC 290

Director of Information Technology

Photo of Pat Rathje Pat Rathje

Fitness Center

Photo of Emily Rider Emily Rider

Office: WCC 147

Admissions Counselor

Photo of John Ring John Ring

Office: WCC 035

Graphic Arts Director

Photo of Wendy Ristow Wendy Ristow

Admissions Administrative Assistant

Photo of Stephanie Rockhoff Stephanie Rockhoff

Antigua Teacher

Photo of Jill Roux Jill Roux

Office: WCC 293

Network Services Helpdesk and Training

BS Dr. Martin Luther College, New Ulm MN: Education

Photo of Angela Scharf Angela Scharf

Office: AU 122 Director of Women's Housing

Photo of Beth Scharf Beth Scharf

Mission Advancement Administrative Assistant

Photo of Richmond Scharf Richmond Scharf

ECLC Lead Custodian

Photo of Linette Scharlemann Linette Scharlemann

Office: LSC 106 Bookstore Manager

Photo of George Schimmele George Schimmele

Office: WCC 170C

Environmental Services Director

Photo of Heidi Schoof Heidi Schoof

Office: WCC 170

Administrative Assistant for Environmental Services

Photo of Gary Schwichtenberg Gary Schwichtenberg

Office: LSC 015

Food Services Manager

Photo of LaShawn Smith LaShawn Smith

Office: WCC 128

Administrative Assistant for Field Experiences

Photo of Aaron Spike Aaron Spike

Office: WCC 291

Web Application/Database Developer


Photo of Catherine St John Catherine St John

ECLC Pre-Primary Lead Teacher

Photo of Anne Starr Anne Starr

Office: WCC 145 Administrative Assistant for Admissions

Photo of Joel Steffl Joel Steffl


Photo of Melissa Stein Melissa Stein

Office: WCC 111 Administrative Assistant to the Vice-President for Student Life

Photo of Laura Stelljes Laura Stelljes

Office: WCC 291 Network Support Services

Photo of Rachel Sturm Rachel Sturm

Office: WCC 034

Graphic Arts Printer

Photo of Michael Thom Michael Thom

Office: WCC 102

Accounting Manager

Photo of Kathryn Tohal Kathryn Tohal

Office: WCC 137

Resource Development Counselor

Photo of Andrea Wendland Andrea Wendland

Office: WCC 158A  Director of Human Resources

Photo of Elizabeth Wessel Elizabeth Wessel

Office: LIB 108

Administrative Assistant for Library Services

Photo of Deborah Witte Deborah Witte

Office: WCC 128

Administrative Assistant to the Licensure Officer

Photo of Dennis Woods Dennis Woods

Custodial and Maintenance

Photo of Camille Wyffels Camille Wyffels

Office: MC 202

Administrative Assistant for Music Division