Candidates who already hold a bachelor’s degree or who are thirty-five years of age or older may be granted certification for service in the WELS as a staff minister upon completion of the religion and professional components of the program. An internship or series of practica is also required. Options exist for full-time study on campus and for part-time study through Martin Luther College summer sessions, extensions courses, and distance learning.

Program Requirements

Theology – 18 credits

THE1001  Biblical History and Literature I
THE1002  Biblical History and Literature II
THE2001  Biblical History and Literature III
THE3001  Christian Doctrine I
THE3002  Christian Doctrine II
THE4001  Lutheran Confessional Writings

Practical Theology – 35 credits

EDU3215  Teaching Religion or EDU3315  Teaching Religion 5-12
MUS4201  Lutheran Worship
THE2101  The Theology & Practice of Ministry
THE2103  Biblical Interpretation
THE3101  Introduction to Youth & Family Ministry
THE3110  Foundations of Evangelism
THE3111  Congregational Assimilation & Retention
THE3120  Parish Education
THE3130  Caring & Counseling
THE3131  Parish Visitation
THE3140  Organization & Administration in the Parish
THE3142  Developing and Training Leadership

Field Experience

An internship or series of practica is required of all staff ministry candidates. The experiences are structured on an individual basis and vary depending on previous involvement in congregational ministry.