SPE1101 Foundations of Special Education
3 credits. An introduction to a variety of disabling conditions in children as described in IDEIA Special Education guides.

SPE2101 Educating the Exceptional Learner
3 credits. Study of legislation, current issues, instruction, and resources as they apply to the needs and characteristics of exceptional learners ages birth to 21. Prerequisite(s): recommended junior, senior, or fifth-year standing

SPE2102 Diagnosis and Assessment of Students with Special Needs
3 credits. Administration and interpretation of standardized instruments used in the identification of students with developmental disabilities, emotional/behavioral disorders, and learning disabilities.

SPE2103 The IEP Process and Professional Practice
3 credits. Roles and responsibilities of the special education teacher in planning and delivering instruction.

SPE2104 Intellectual, Developmental, and Physical/Health Disabilities
3 credits. Diagnostic, etiological, and intervention issues in developmental cognitive disabilities (DCD) including autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and other health disorders (OHD).

SPE3101 Learning Disabilities and Emotional/Behavioral Disorders
3 credits. Identification and instructional supports for students with specific learning disabilities (SLD) and emotional or behavioral disorders (EBD).

SPE3102 Assistive Technology in Special Education
3 credits. Examination of assistive technology (AT) related to teaching and learning and using AT to help facilitate successful integration of people with disabilities into the school and community.

SPE3103 Transition Planning and Collaboration in Special Education
3 credits. Facilitating effective planning for transitions (preschool, elementary, middle, high school, and postsecondary/adult) and collaboration with parents and professionals.