PSY2001 Introduction to Psychology
4 credits. An overview of the field of psychology, covering basic areas of human behavior and mental processes.

PSY2002 The Psychology of Human Growth and Development
3 credits. A study of physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development throughout the lifespan.

PSY3010 Child Development (Ages 0-8)
3 credits. Spiritual, physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive development in early childhood. Rates and styles of learning, perceptual motor development, and health and safety. Teacher observational skills for assessment.

PSY3020 Psychology of Learning
3 credits. An investigation of psychological findings and concepts regarding the learner, the learning process, and learning situations.

PSY3031 Adolescent Psychology
3 credits. Biological, cognitive, and socioemotional development of individuals from 12-23 years of age within the contexts of nature and nurture as well as the challenges adolescents face in their development. Taken concurrently with EDU428x or EDU4353 or EDU4355