EDT0001 Introduction to Online Learning
0 credits. Introduction to using a course management system for online learning.

EDT1001 Digital Literacy
3 credits. The use of computer applications, digital tools, and web resources to locate, organize, create, evaluate, and analyze information.

EDT2002 Emerging Technologies in Education
3 credits. An investigation of recent trends in hardware, software, policy, and pedagogy to develop a clearer picture of the possibilities for emerging technologies in the K-12 classroom.

EDT3002 Teaching with Technology
3 credits. The integration of technology with curriculum content and instruction in K-12 schools.

EDT3004 Coordinating Technology in Education
3 credits. An investigation of common duties and responsibilities of a technology coordinator in a K-12 educational setting.

EDT3007 Google Technologies in Education
3 credits. An in-depth study of the Google tools available through its education platform, with an emphasis on K-12 classroom use, including collaborative learning approaches and assessment strategies.