EDU0001 Study Skills Seminar
1 credit. College level study skills with opportunities to apply these skills in current courses. Among others, topics include time management, note taking, test-taking, reading a college text, and memory strategies.

EDU1401 Early Field Experience I: Introduction to the Teaching Ministry
0.5 credits. A week of activities and experiences designed to introduce students to the roles and responsibilities of the teaching ministry. (Year One students remain on campus for this week.) (Minimum 40 hours)

EDU2101 The Arts and Movement in Early Childhood
3 credits. Objectives, methods, and materials for developmentally appropriate activities for young children in the areas of art, music, and movement.

EDU2201 Introduction to Urban Education Ministry
3 credits. Introduction and exploration of cross-cultural contexts for teaching and ministry.  Observation and participation in cross-cultural ministry settings will provide the experiential framework to organize and apply the course material to real-life application.  Open to education and pre-seminary students.

EDU2401 Early Field Experience II: Observation and Participation
0.5 credits. A week of observation and participation in an early childhood, elementary, middle or secondary classroom. (Minimum 40 hours)
Prerequisite(s): EDU1401

EDU2402 Exploring Urban Teaching Methods and Management
3 credits. A six-week, summer field experience in urban Milwaukee schools to build basic instructional skills, cultural competencies, and classroom management techniques essential to the urban classroom in coordination with the Center for Urban Teaching.