Next Renovation:
Chapel of the Christ Lower Level

In the coming months, we want to finish the lower level of the Chapel of the Christ to provide rehearsal and recital space for our student musicians. Here’s why:

Of the 135 graduates in 2022, 128 sang in a choir, played in an instrumental ensemble, or took music lessons for at least one semester. That’s 95 percent.

Some of these students are dedicating their lives to music ministry. They’re majoring in vocal music, instrumental music, or parish music and hoping to one day serve your church or school as music teachers, worship leaders and planners, organists and pianists, band and choir directors.

They understand that music is a special gift of God, and that for millennia God’s people have understood the power of music to sing the gospel straight into the heart.

We’ve been short of space for our student musicians for a long time. But the solution is right in front of us—in the lower level of the Chapel of the Christ. In fact, we’ve had plans for this space since we built the chapel 12 years ago—plans that include teaching studios and a computer lab for composition and theory students.

The centerpiece is a large recital and rehearsal room with state-of-the-art equipment, acoustical design, and much-needed storage for robes and instruments just steps away.

The first critical step in making this rehearsal space a reality for our students is to construct the necessary infrastructure. The estimated cost is $250,000. Can you help?

Please contact VP Mark Maurice or Resource Counselor Beth Scharf: 507.354.8221 / /