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Pursuing Excellence: The Continuing Education Update

Informs called workers about many avenues of professional and spiritual growth available throughout synod.

Continuing Education Bulletin

Informs all called workers, active and inactive, about MLC course offerings and registration deadlines.

Ladies’ Auxiliary E-Notes

Provides auxiliary meeting information and updates.

Master’s Program News

Shares graduate program news and issues with graduate students, graduate faculty, and other interested in the program.

Alumni Messenger

Keeps our alumni in touch with events, reunions, current MLC happenings, and other alumni news.

MLC ParentsPage

Keeps parents of first-year MLC students up to date with issues related specifically to their role as parents.

MLC SportsPage

Provides weekly news about MLC athletics.

MLC KnightWatch Weekly

Informs high school students weekly about campus life and inspires them to consider pursuing the public ministry at MLC.

Issues in Lutheran Education

A blog which promotes discussion of topics important to Lutheran education in the 21st century. You must subscribe to this on the site.

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