New in 2024: J Term

Beginning in January 2024, MLC will offer a January Term—or J Term—between the first and second semesters.

Running for 2-1/2 weeks in January, this new term has the potential for many benefits for our student body.

One immediate advantage will be seen by junior education majors. They will be able to complete their public school clinical experiences in 13 consecutive school days, rather than one day a week for 13 weeks, as is the case now. “The pedagogical benefits of this change for education majors is immense,” said VP for Academics Jeff Wiechman. “And having those juniors fully on campus during the regular fall and spring semesters opens the calendar in many other ways—for all students.”

A key initiative in Pursuing Excellence Under the Cross is empowering our family’s formation. Faculty members are exploring other J Term options—for study trips abroad, for early field experiences, and for coursework of all kinds—that will serve our students, making them even more ready for ministry. “It’s an exciting change,” Wiechman said, “and we’re eager to maximize all the benefits for MLC students.”