Aaron Markgraf Featured by UMAC


The Upper Midwest Athletic Conference (UMAC) wrote a feature story on Aaron Markgraf as part of their “Distinctly UMAC” series. This feature covers Aaron’s story, as well as what it means to be an MLC student athlete.

Read the full feature by clicking here.


Reformation Lectures 2017

luther-close-upCommemorating the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, a plan to offer a series of Reformation lectures under the theme “The Lutheran Reformation was an Educational Movement” during the 2017-18 school year is underway. A tentative list of speakers have been developed for the three topics:

  • Educating Youth at the Time of the Lutheran Reformation
  • Educating Pastors at the Time of the Lutheran Reformation
  • Educating Society at the Time of the Lutheran Reformation

MLC students, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary students, area called workers, lay people and WELS leaders outside this area will be invited to attend.

Watch for more information in the months to follow.


Governing Board Digest


Student Newspaper Club

The first issue of the MLC Student Newspaper, Hilltop Happenings, is now available online! Read about changes on campus, the local New Ulm legend of the concrete pig, interviews with new faculty Scharf and Wordell, and more at https://mlc-wels.edu/go/newspaper-sept-2016



NEW! MLC Digital Wallpaper


Can’t get enough of the beautiful MLC campus? Need a cool wallpaper for your desktop, iOS device, or tablet? We’ve got you covered!

Brighten up your screen with one of our new MLC wallpapers, featuring beautiful imagery from around campus throughout the seasons.

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Welcome To MLC!

In addition to new students, we welcome several new faces to our campus as classes resume. Tutor Nathan Wordell begins his service as a tutor in Concord Hall and will teach Latin. Prof. Craig Hirschmann will teach music; Prof. Greg Holzhueter will teach mathematics, physical education and coach; Prof. David Scharf will teach theology; Adjunct Instructor Ramona Czer will teach English; Erin Meissner will cover Wind Symphony and teach music during Prof. Miles Wurster’s sabbatical; and Instructor Julius Buelow will teach Hebrew during Prof. Thomas Nass’ sabbatical. Student Matthew Swanson will be teaching mathematics.


Faculty Installation
Back row: Tutor Nate Wordell, Prof. Greg Holzhueter, Prof. David Scharf, Prof. Craig Hirschmann, Instructor Julius Buelow
Front Row: Tarah (Steinbrenner) Beduze, Elizabeth Klugherz

At the Early Childhood Learning Center, Elizabeth Klugherz moves to the director’s role; Tarah (Steinbrenner) Beduze was assigned as a lead teacher; and Kristin Haun, Katie (Anderson) Wenner and Grace Welch are full time assistant teachers at the center.

New ECLC teachers

New ECLC teachers Grace Welch, Tarah (Steinbrenner) Beduze, Elizabeth Klugherz, Kristin Haun, Katherine (Anderson) Wenner

Our staff has also been blessed with several new additions. Galen Holzhueter serves as a part time admissions counselor; Leah Matzke, as web content manager in the Mission Advancement Office; Tamara Lott, as administrative assistant in the Human Resources Office in addition to the Staff Ministry and Congregational Assistance Program Office; LaShawn Smith, as administrative assistant for the Field Experience Office.

New Staff Members

New Staff Members Tami Lott, Deborah Witte, Jodie Braulick, and Leah Matzke (not pictured: LaShawn Smith)

Galen Holzhueter

New admissions counselor Galen Holzhueter

We pray that God would bless each of these individuals as they serve the college in the coming year!


Study Abroad – New Blog!

Learn more about MLC’s Study Abroad program through Crystal Carmichael’s blog! Crystal will be studying at the University of Limerick in Ireland for a semester and will give us a glimpse of her experiences. May the Lord bless your studies Crystal!

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Develop Congregational Leaders Through CAP

The WELS Congregational Assistant Program (CAP) assists pastors and staff ministers in training qualified leaders in their congregations.

CAP offers a range of biblical and practical courses to all WELS members, men and women, to help them grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Many CAP students are already serving, which means they are applying what they learn immediately in their local settings.

The majority of the courses are taught by the student’s local pastor or called worker, and they are often scheduled as part of the congregation’s offerings for adult spiritual growth; this minimizes the additional work of the called worker and expands the variety of opportunities for nurture within the congregation. Where there are interested individuals and congregations in geographic proximity, pastors are able to take turns and share the teaching load of the courses. Some of the courses can also be taught by an outside instructor as weekend seminar.The final component of the program, the only element that is not offered locally, is a 10-day CAPstone Session split between New Ulm, Minnesota and Milwaukee and Mequon, Wisconsin. Students typically participate in CAPstone after completing the other program requirements over a three or four year period.

CAP by the Numbers

64 Students
46 Congregations
18 States, South Korea and Guam
90 Leaders who have completed the program
More information: welscap.org
2016 Winner: White Robes
Johanna Crass MLC ’14

Thalassa – Celebrating 10 Years!

2016 Winner: White Robes Johanna Crass MLC ’14

2016 Winner: White Robes
Johannah Crass MLC ’14

The gospel ministry is a global ministry—instituted by our Lord when he commissioned his followers to “make disciples of all nations.” The mission statement of Martin Luther College recognizes this as well, stating that, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we encourage students in “developing and demonstrating a heart for service in the church, community, and world.”

The Thalassa competition, established in 2007, is a tribute to our students’ hearts for global service.

In this competition MLC students and graduates who have served abroad submit photographs and written reflections that share the beauties, the joys, the challenges of their ministries. A panel of judges chooses the winner and awards $1000, half of which the student designates to a mission of their choice.

We’ve seen entries from North and South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Tiny villages in the Peruvian Andes. Teeming cities in Southeast Asia. A Siberian college town. A Brazilian fazenda. A Malawian orphanage.

Each reflection and photo is rich in particulars, yet each tells the same story—a story of human needs and the Savior who meets those needs.

We are humbled and honored to have had a hand in the shaping and training of these gospel heralds. And we are grateful to the Lord of the Church and to his Spirit for allowing Martin Luther College to be the threshold from which these students carry the gospel into the world.