Lunar New Year Celebrations

Happy Lunar New Year!
The campus family heard this greeting from January 21 to February 3 as international students celebrated the Lunar New Year.
The Lunar New Year is part of many Asian cultures, and Chinese international student 刘文达 (Wenda Liu) (First German-Manitowoc WI) believes it is important for the campus family to experience.
“It is not enough to just know the aspects of a culture, but also we have to really learn, understand, and connect with others from this culture to respect and admire it,” Liu says. “For me, I have a very diverse and beautiful culture, and I want to share this with our campus family so we can appreciate it together.”
On January 22, students from Introduction to Minority Cultures and Teaching World Language and Culture classes joined with international students at Professor Tingting Schwartz’s house for Chinese hotpot.
The Cultural Engagement Center (CEC) and the Craft Society also hosted a Lunar New Year event on January 24. MLC students, faculty, and staff did 窗花 (traditional Chinese paper cutting). Chinese international students demonstrated the paper cutting technique and explained the meaning of the symbols included in the designs.
To celebrate the Lantern Festival, the final day of the Lunar New Year, Professor Tingting and Wenda Liu went to the MLC Early Childhood Learning Center to read children’s books about the holiday for the preschoolers.
Thank you to Professor Tingting, our international students, the CEC, and the Craft Society for holding these events!
Pictured: Wenda Liu reads The Nian Monster by Andrea Wang to ECLC students.