MLC Day 2019

Promote and celebrate ministerial education by hosting an MLC Day in your congregation!

MLC Day is a day to . . .

  • PRAY for our mission and ministry
  • SHARE our story
  • GIVE to support ministerial training

Help us celebrate at MLC too! Anytime between now and May 1:

  • Photograph your school, class, or faculty creating an MLC greeting.
  • Videotape an MLC shout-out, song, or skit.
  • Write a prayer for our students and staff.
  • Share all of these with us by email or Facebook!
  • Gather an offering for your College of Ministry. Your gifts on MLC Day will help fund the Congregational Partner Grant Matching Fund, directly supporting MLC students!
  • Find more ideas at!

On MLC Day, May 1, we’ll have a grand unveiling of all the schools’ and congregations’ prayers, posts, shout-outs, and songs!