Would you like to spread the gospel in mission fields across the USA and even abroad? The MLC Daylight program can help you do just that. Many students take advantage of these real-life ministry opportunities during school breaks. “Daylight encourages you for your future ministry, and you get to meet fascinating Christians along the way,” says Daylight Student Assistant Lailah Thabatah (MLS / Emanuel-Lansing MI). “We get to see all sorts of church cultures and serve them however we can. My favorite part is that you learn how you personally fit into God’s kingdom work, and that is truly a blessing.”

TENNESSEE: “We got to help out a WELS church that was just getting started!” says Corey Paske (pictured right). “For years a group of people in Chattanooga wanted to have a church, and now they finally got a pastor called there. The trip showed the group how much work goes into getting a church off the ground in a new area.”

NEW YORK: “We had the opportunity to canvass door to door in Queens, lead Art in the Park with crafts and the Easter story, and help with preparations for our church’s Sunday service,” says Camryn Biebert (pictured left). “The church, Sure Foundation, was very welcoming, so we had a lot of fun getting to know the members throughout the week. My favorite moment from this exciting trip was sharing the Easter message with the kids at the park and seeing their excitement when they heard that their Savior has risen.”

TEXAS: “Any experience is good experience for us, and College Station was by and large a great one,” says Alex Lindemann (pictured right). “We sang for services, including their huge Easter in the Park celebration, saw much of their cool town, and met some fun and hospitable people.”

ARIZONA: “We hung flyers on door knobs in Goodyear and talked to people about what their church life was like,” says Dana Pietrzyk (pictured left). “It was really awesome to be able to talk to different people about what they believed. It strengthened my confidence in talking to people about Jesus, and it helped me realize that there are so many more people that need the gospel.”

This feature was originally published in the KnightWatch Weekly, April 12, Spring 2018 issue.