September 29-30th, 2016

A summary of reports and action follows:

  • An overview of the financial audit for the 2015-2016 fiscal year was given, which showed that MLC has achieved a composite financial index ratio of 5.81 (a score of 3.0 is considered a threshold by the National Association of College and University Business Officers). The college received an “unmodified opinion” (the highest category possible) with no audit adjustments, material weaknesses or significant deficiencies on its recent financial statements.
  • Full time undergraduate student fee increases of 5% were approved for 2017-18, bringing total tuition, room and board charges for full time students to $20,465. A 5% increase in institutional financial assistance also was approved. The per credit fees for both undergraduate and graduate tuition were also increased to $310 and $315, respectively.

The following calls were approved as replacements for professors retiring at the end of the 2016-17 school year:

  • two teachers to serve as professors of mathematics, replacing Prof. Joyce Diels and Dr. Kenneth Rupnow.
  • a teacher to serve as director of academic computing and online learning and to teach educational technology courses, replacing Dr. James Grunwald.
  • a teacher to serve as professor of music, direct a choir and advise the MLC Forum, replacing Dr. Kermit Moldenhauer.
  • a teacher to serve as professor of social sciences and social studies education, replacing Prof. Earl Heidtke.
  • Call a teacher to serve as an additional professor of history (added position).

Following completion of the synodical nominating process for the six positions named above, the calls will be extended at a teleconference on Saturday, December 3.

  • Vice President Otterstatter reported on the activity of the Congregational Partnership Grant Program (CPGP). This financial assistance plan matches up to $1000 per student in congregational support provided to MLC students by drawing on targeted or synod- wide appeals, Board for Ministerial Education grants and MLC reserve funds. In its first year, one hundred six freshmen benefitted from $87,000 provided by their congregations and an equal amount matched by MLC.
  • Professor Jonathan Schaefer, chairman of the MLC Alumni Association (MLCAA) Board, presented a proposal for a gift from the board in connection with the 25th anniversary of MLC in 2020. The proposed gift is a statue of Jesus Christ with the theme “Fishers of Men”; the project also includes the establishment of an endowed scholarship fund sponsored by the MLCAA. The statue would provide a visual reminder of the motivation and call to serve in the public ministry while also reinforcing the mission of the college.