Department: Preseminary Program


The planning and pilot project are complete. With that, we are ready to begin implementation of required preseminary early ministry experience this fall. We are, however, still in a period of transition as we seek long-term funding for this requirement. As a way of supporting our synod’s 100 new missions in 10 years initiative, we want some of our preseminary students to experience parish life with a mission pastor in a new mission start. And we’d like some of those to be outside the Upper Midwest. This, however, means increased travel costs. We are currently working on making these costs a regular budget line item in the MLC budget. Until that happens, however, we will need other funding sources. So, we are asking again if the MLC Ladies’ Auxiliary would be willing to provide $2,000 to help cover the higher transportation costs associated with this experience.

Cost: $2,000

Submitted by: Prof. Jim Danell

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Pre-Seminary Early Ministry Experience I: $2,000