Description: We will use your gift to fund short-term missions, also known as Daylight experiences, in this school year.

Every year MLC partners with mission-minded congregations to send MLC students to fill mission needs all over the WELS and in international mission fields. Most mission trips last one week, some up to 10 weeks, but the benefits go on for years. God grows our students through these experiences. Students gain confidence for ministry and insight into ministry in a different setting, perhaps even in a different culture. Future church workers learn from the people with whom they serve to share the gospel in different ways. And they are motivated by their experience sharing the gospel to continue to study for ministry. These short-term mission experiences provide blessings for students that would be difficult to get in any other way. For that reason, MLC offers financial support for students who want to participate. Your gift, given out of love for your Lord and Savior, will make it possible for more students to serve, and more people to be served with the gospel. Thanks be to God!


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Daylight Outreach Opportunities: $2,500