Technology Director

100% Online

This program is designed for current and aspiring technology directors who want to explore all the possibilities that emerging technologies can offer their Lutheran schools.

The program’s goal is to produce professional technology directors who are faithful, skillful, and visionary–transformational leaders whose gospel ministries will demonstrably strengthen their schools and profoundly impact their students’ learning and lives.

Planning YOUR master’s program is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Print your program plan.
  2. Pick the electives that match your ministry by reading the course descriptions.
    The course descriptions will help you know which ones best match your varied responsibilities and interests.
  3. Fit the courses into your schedule according to the course calendar.
    The Long-Term Course Calendar lets you see when courses are offered so you can plan to take courses when it’s convenient for you. Complete your program in as little as two years or spread it out over seven years.