What is Work-Study?

Federal and State Work-Study are government programs that provide partial funding for colleges to employ students with financial need.  The programs were established for the purpose of helping qualified students who are in need of financial assistance to pursue a course of study.

MLC participates in the Federal Work-Study (FWS) and State Work-Study (SWS) programs.  Wages from both programs are earned while attending school.  Work-Study jobs are different from other (on or off campus) jobs for the following reasons:

  • The federal or state government pays 75% of student wages. The remaining 25% is paid with funds from college department budgets
  • Work-Study jobs are assigned only to qualified students; those students who show “need” as established by their FAFSA
  • Work-Study earnings are not included when determining the student’s expected family contribution for the subsequent year’s FAFSA

How do I know if I qualify for Work-Study?

In order to participate in the Federal or State Work-Study Programs, you must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). An additional eligibility for the State Work-Study program is that the student must meet Minnesota state residency requirements . Students must also have “need” as defined by the FAFSA.  Your need is determined in the Financial Aid Office by reviewing the FAFSA results. In order to maintain eligibility, you must meet all satisfactory academic progress (SAP) requirements for federal student aid. Click here to review MLC’s SAP policy.

What about subsidized Direct loans and FWS or SWS? Can my eligibility change?

To provide you, the student, with the best possible loan, MLC does not include any Work-Study awards on the student’s award package since the amount of Work-Study could reduce your eligibility for a subsidized loan. But, if you won’t need a subsidized loan, you can decline the loan and your eligibility for Work-Study will increase. You do need to be aware that receiving a scholarship or grant from an outside source will reduce your “need” and may reduce or eliminate your eligibility for Work-Study and for subsidized loans.

How much can I earn?

Minnesota minimum wage or better. You will be paid on the 15th and the last day of the month. It will be up to you to use proceeds of your check to pay your college account.

Are Work-Study jobs only on campus?

Several non-profit institutions in New Ulm hire Work-Study students. The Brown County Historical Society, St. Paul’s Lutheran Grade School and the MLC Early Childhood Learning Center have several openings annually.

Which MLC departments hire Work-Study eligible students?

A number of campus departments hire Work-Study eligible students. Supervisors will review applications and select applicants based on their job qualifications.

If I am eligible, will I be assigned a Work-Study job, or will I need to find a job on my own?

MLC does not assign Work-Study jobs to eligible students as part of their financial aid. Students will be provided the tools to find work if needed. The Financial Aid office maintains the Job Opportunities web page with a wide variety of employment opportunities for MLC students.

If you have any questions about the Work-Study Program at MLC contact the MLC Financial Aid office via email or phone: