1. Attend the EFE Orientation meeting in January during the scheduled Flex period.
  2. Read the Syllabus and either  Guidelines for EFE II or Guidelines for EFE III to learn about the objectives and expectations for the experience.
  3. Determine a grade level for the experience using the Requirements Chart.
  4. Choose a school setting according to the guidelines.
  5. Contact the school principal and seek permission to work in a classroom. Ensure that 5 full days will be possible.
  6. Complete the Approval Form for EFE.  When you submit the form, an email is automatically sent from the Education Office to the cooperating teacher who will verify information and give consent for your participation.
  7. Participate fully in the experience.
  8. Complete and submit the Student Assessment Form (a link to the form is sent via email directly to you) at the conclusion of the experience.  It is very helpful to log your activities daily. As you complete each portion of your form you can click “save” at any point. Please use the link (sent to you via email) to return to the saved form. It is VERY IMPORTANT to use the correct link or you may be forced to start over or end up creating a duplicate entry.  After submission, the form must be printed, signed by the cooperating teacher, and placed into the MLC reflection journal.
  9. The classroom teacher completes the Teacher Assessment Form (a link to the form is sent via email directly to the teacher) and submits it within a week of the experience.
  10. Submitted forms can be accessed on the Portal (Forms > About Me). If you do not see the necessary forms there, you may want to confirm that you’ve properly submitted your form and/or follow up with your cooperating teacher.