Individual Field Experience Hours (EDU3405) are service learning opportunities found outside other courses.  While both paid employment and volunteer activities can be used, they should be related to the work of the teaching ministry. To complete the course, a minimum of 50 hours of experiences are required.  The activities should include work in three categories:

A. Interaction with Adults (ages 19 & older) – Must be gained in a congregation or in the community.  Minimum of 5 hours in at least two different types of activities.

B. School Activities – Must be gained in a preschool, elementary, or secondary school depending on your program.  Must be done during the regular school day during the regular school year.  Minimum of 10 hours.

C. Interaction with Children (ages 0-18) – Must be gained involving interaction with children or adolescents in a congregation or in the community.  Minimum of 15 hours in at least two different types of activities.

The 50 hours of experiences are to be completed by the time one applies for student teaching which usually occurs in the spring semester of Year 3.  All experiences must be gained after graduation from high school.

Submit Education IFE hours at anytime.

Are you on the Staff Ministry track?

THE3103 requires fifty hours of individual field experiences related to parish ministry, completed prior to internship. Those experiences must be completed while a student is enrolled at MLC. Click here to view general categories of experience, with examples of specific activities. No more than 10 hours should be included in any broad category or 5 hours in any individual subcategory.

Submit Staff Ministry IFE hours at anytime.

Education IFE Categories

Category A

Activities involving adults

Minimum of 5 hours in two different activities

Category B

School activities

Minimum of 10 hours

Category C

Interaction with children

Minimum of 15 hours in two different activities

Adult Bible Study/Instructor
Adult Care
Adult Classes
Adult Tutoring
Altar Guild/Banner Committee
Audio/Video Taping Service
Booth Attendant
Camp Counselor – Adult
Campus Tours – Adults
Church Cleaning
Church Group Activities
Church Group Athletics
Church Group Christmas Caroling
Church Holiday Activities
Church Outreach Program
Church Projects
Church Work
Church Yard Work
Church/School Cleaning
College Extracurriculars
Community Activities
Computer Setup
Congregational Meals
Elderly Assistance
Fellowship Hour/Server
Fund Raising
Holiday Preparation
Jesus Cares
Judging Activities
Kingdom Workers – Adult Activities
Meals on Wheels Program
Mission Presentation
Mission/Church Presentation
Music Director
Musical Duet
Musical Solo
Musical Vocal
New Friends
Parent/Teacher Activities
Project Assistance for Elderly
Project Timothy
Radio Taping Service
SAAC – Student Ath. Advisory Comm.
School Cleaning
Service Greeter
Shut-In Visits
Sunday School Prep
Tournament Help
VBS Prep
Video Taping Service
Volunteer Services
Working with Special Needs Individuals
Worship Service Participant

Center for Urban Teaching
Classroom Tutoring
Teacher Assistant

4-H Group
Assistant Coach
Bible Camp Instructor
Big Brother/Big Sister Program
Camp Counselor
Camp Counselor for Special Needs
Campus Hosts
Campus Tours
Canvassing/Youth Group
Child Care
Child Supervision
Children Activities
Children’s Bible Study
Christmas for Kids
Community Youth Clubs
Crossing Guard
Drama/Musical/Fine Arts/ Plays
Home Schooling
Individual Tutoring
Jesus Cares – Kids
Judging Projects
Kingdom Workers – Children Activities
Mentoring Program
Mission to the Children
MLC Recruiting
Music Lessons
Outreach Program
Park & Rec Activities
Pre-Learning Center
Project Timothy/Children
Special Needs Child Care
Student Supervision
Summer Camp
Summer School Activities
Sunday School
Track Meet
Working with Developmentally Disabled Indiv.
Youth Athletic Activities
Youth Church Service
Youth Group
Youth Music Activities
Youth Organizations
Youth Seminars
Youth Supervisor

Staff Ministry IFE Categories

1) Evangelism and assimilation
a. Canvassing
b. Visitor follow-up
c. Witness Visits
d. Fellowship activities

2) Parish education
a. Adult Bible studies
b. Sunday School
c. Confirmation class
d. LES devotion/religion lesson

3) Youth and family ministry
a. Parent organizations
b. Youth groups
c. Intergenerational programming

4) Parish care
a. Shut-in visits
b. Hospital visits

5) Administration
a. Office activities
b. Committee meetings
c. Stewardship functions