All EFEs Suspended for 2020-2021

Due to COVID-19 issues and concerns, all early field experiences are suspended for 2020-2021. In other words, you will not complete EFE I, EFE II, or EFE III this school year.

Q: What does that mean for next year?

A: We’re calling it “two to make three.” You will be required to complete two of the three EFEs.  Here’s a chart that outlines the EFE plan for most students.

*Most third-year students will have completed EFE I and EFE II.

Current status 2020-2021 2021-2022 2022-2023
First-year student No EFE EFE II EFE III
Second-year student No EFE EFE III
Third-year student No EFE No EFE (unless needed*)

Q: I missed my EFE last May because of COVID. Now what? 

A: As long as you complete two of the three EFEs, a make-up experience won’t be needed.

Q: Can I still complete an EFE on my own this year? 

A: While EFEs are suspended for this school year, you could work on Individual Field Experience hours. Your local school and congregation could be open to your participation in some way.

Q: Do I have to submit a withdrawal form to remove the EFE from my Semester E schedule?

A: No, the Records Office will withdraw you.

Q: What happens if I’m short the half-credit for EFE and won’t have earned the 130 credits needed for graduation?

A: As long as all other course requirements are met, 129.5 credits will be acceptable for graduation.

Q: What if I still have questions?

A: Email Mrs. Susan Plocher anytime – (

Field experiences refer to opportunities which involve education majors in observation or interaction with students and their teachers. MN state law requires 100 hours of supervised field experiences before a candidate can student teach.