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Are there specific curricular changes that affect me?

Yes. They follow.

General Information

Credit Minimum

My program plan shows that I must maintain a minimum of 14 credits each semester. Is that requirement still in effect?

No, though each traditional, eight-semester pre-seminary student is expected to be a full-time (at least 12 credits) student. Exceptions to the 12-credit guideline must be endorsed by the pre-seminary academic dean.

Cap on Free Electives in One Subject Area

My program plans shows that – for degree credit – I may take no more than three free electives in one area. Is that limit still in effect?

No. You may take as many free electives in a one area as you wish, but there are no more than four free electives – for degree credit – on any program plan.


May I take one course to fulfill two requirements of my program plan, say, counting my Intercultural elective also as a free elective?

No. One pre-seminary course may fulfill only one requirement of your pre-seminary program plan.


Could I have a list of all new pre-seminary electives?

No, at least not as one comprehensive list. But new electives – both area and free – are highlighted below in their respective subject areas. A one-page list of all pre-seminary courses, including electives, will be available at registration time in spring 2013.

Semester Abroad

I have heard that pre-seminary students will be able to choose to take a semester abroad.  What should I know about an MLC semester abroad?


The MLC faculty has approved in concept a semester abroad for pre-seminary students who choose it.  Implementation awaits arrangements with foreign colleges that could accommodate MLC's German-, Mandarin-, or Spanish-language students.  Implementation is intended for the 2014-15 school year.

A semester abroad can be positioned in the student's program plan, so that he can graduate on time with his class.  A student will need to plan for a semester abroad a year or more in advance, in order not to fall short of his planned graduation date.  Interested students should speak with the pre-seminary academic dean to adjust their program plan to free up a semester for study abroad.  The semester abroad will fit the program plan at the sophomore II, junior I, or junior II semesters.  Students considering the junior year for a semester abroad will need to do at least Elementary Hebrew I – preferably both I and II – as sophomores, in order to graduate on time.  Only MLC's current ('12-13) freshmen are in a position to plan for a semester abroad without falling behind schedule to graduate.

Seminary Certification

How has my seminary certification program plan been affected by curriculum revision?

Your present plan remains in effect, just as the plans of MLC's degree students remain in effect.  The effects to your plan are the same – as much as they apply – as the effects noted below for degree students' program plans.


Public Speaking

My degree program plan shows ENG1310 Public Speaking as a requirement.  Must I still take it?

No.  Public Speaking is no longer required and no longer offered.


Must I substitute another course in my plan for Public Speaking?

No.  There has been a net reduction in the number of credits required for graduation.  The goals of the old Public Speaking course are being met in other ways.


I have already taken Public Speaking.  May I count Public Speaking as an area or free elective?

No.  Public Speaking was a general education requirement at the time you took it.

English Electives

Has curriculum revision affected the requirement on my degree program plan for an English area elective?


Yes, three courses have been added to the list of English area electives.  Also now ENG 3004 Twentieth Century American Literature, ENG 3010 American Minority Writers, and ENG 3207 Literature of the Modern World count as English area electives.

Fine Arts

My degree program plan shows MUS0001 Introduction to Music as a requirement.  Must I still take Intro to Music?


Yes and no.  After next semester (2012-13, II) Intro to Music will no longer be offered.  If you have not taken Intro to Music by fall of 2013, you must meet the requirement by taking music credit in an MLC choir, MUS1103 Sight Singing Fundamentals, or MUS1104 Vocal Skills.

My degree program plan shows MUS2201 Introduction to Fine Arts.  Must I still take that Intro to Fine Arts under the new Gen Ed menu?


No. You may take Intro to Fine Arts, but you don't have to.  You may now fulfill the Fine Arts requirement by choosing from a menu of HIS3001 Survey of Art, MUS2201 Introduction to Fine Arts, MUS3201 Music History:  Ancient to Baroque, and MUS3202    Music History:  Classical to the Present.

Fine Arts Electives

Has curriculum revision affected my choices in Fine Arts electives?


Yes, MUS3201 Music History:  Ancient to Baroque, and MUS3202 Music History:  Classical to the Present, from the general education menu, are available as free electives.  Likewise, MUS3213 Music in World Cultures, from the general education Intercultural menu is available as a free elective.

Foreign Languages


May I take Chinese (Mandarin) for pre-seminary degree credit?


Yes, both CHN1000 Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture and CHN1001 Elementary Chinese I are available as free elective credit.  CHN1000 Intro also may be taken to fulfill the Other Cultures requirement.


I am a German-option student.  Do I have to take Elementary German III, the new summer online course?


No, you do not. Elementary German III is intended to prepare students for on-campus enrollment in GER2001 Intermediate German I.


I am not a German-option student.  May I take Elementary German III, the new summer online course?


Yes, you may.  At this writing Elementary German III counts as a free elective for you.  It can be helpful in preparing you for German courses at a higher level.

Greek, Latin, and Hebrew

I want to know whether there have been any changes to the requirements or offerings in Greek, Latin, or Hebrew?


At this writing there have not been changes in Greek, Latin, or Hebrew requirements or offerings.


I am scheduled for SPN1002 Elementary Spanish II next semester.  How does the lowering of class hours from four-and-a-lab to three-and-a-lab affect me?


The only effect on you will be to have one less class hour on your weekly schedule.  This change does not affect your degree program plan, because Elementary Spanish II is not a degree-credit course (unless you are not a Spanish-option student and are taking the course as a free elective).  The change might allow you to add a one-credit course or two half-credit courses to your schedule.


Western Civilization courses

My program plan shows HIS2110 Western History and Civilization I and HIS2111 Western History and Civilization II, but they are no longer offered.  What should I do?

Take HIS2112 Rise of the West and HIS2113 Modern West.  These courses have replaced HIS2110 and HIS2111.




Must I really take HIS2112 Rise of the West, even though it is not a Gen Ed requirement?

Yes.  It is a pre-seminary requirement.  It replaces the former HIS2110.


I notice that HIS2112 and HIS2113 are 3-credit courses.  My program plan showed HIS2110 and HIS2111 at 4 each.  Do I have to make up those two credits?

No. Curriculum revision reduced these credits, part of a net credit reduction for degree programs.

US History since 1945

HIS3010 US History since 1945 is now a writing-intensive course.  Does that affect my program plan?

Yes, it may.  You now are encouraged to take it, if possible, in second semester of your junior year, to balance against the writing requirements of other junior and also senior year courses.

History Electives

Has curriculum revision affected my choice of history electives?

HIS3032 United States Government has been added to the list of pre-seminary free electives.

Music - see Fine Arts above


How has curriculum revision affected psychology in my pre-seminary program?

You have another free elective available – PSY3020 Psychology of Learning.


Required Science Courses

SCI1001 Living World is a requirement on my program plan.  Do I still have to take Living World?


No.  You may, but you don't have to.  SCI1001 Our Living World becomes Biology and is now on the menu with six other science courses that fulfill the general education science requirement.

My program plan says that I must take SCI1101 Our Physical World, because I did not take high school physics.  Do I still have to take Our Physical World?


No.  You may, but you don't have to.  Our Physical World, which now becomes Physical Science, fulfills the general education science requirement or may be taken as a free elective.

Science Electives

Has curriculum revision affected my choice of science electives?

Yes.  All seven of the science general education menu courses – SCI1001 Our Living World (Biology), SCI1101 Our Physical World (Physical Science), SCI2025 General Chemistry I, SCI2101 Physics:  Mechanics, SCI2102 Physics:  Electricity and Magnetism, SCI3102 Physics:  Light and Optics, and SCI4102 Physics:  Thermodynamics and Properties of Matter – are now available as science area electives.