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Thanks For Your Service!

As the school year comes to a close, the following individuals conclude their service to the college:

  • Tutor Jason Enderle and Admissions Counselor Michael Koepke will be available for reassignment by the Assignment Committee at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary later this week.
  • Retiring professors include David Gosdeck (librarian), Barbara Leopold (physical education and coaching), John Nolte (music and audio visual services), Robert Potratz (music) and David Wendler (vice president for academics). Lanita Nolte (music) and John Micheel (mathematics) are retiring from service as adjunct instructors.
  • Gene Slettedahl will retire from service as our director of financial aid. Jonathan Scharlemann will retire from his role the past year as a part-time resource development counselor and Irene Flatau, from her role as a part-time administrative assistant to the Music Division.
  • Governing Board members Keith Bowe, Jonathan Hahm, Stephen Loehr, Duane Rodewald, Michael Seifert, Steven Rosenbaum and William Steinbrenner have completed terms of service on our board. Mr. Rosenbaum and Rev. Seifert are eligible for re-election at this summer’s district conventions.

We thank each of these individuals for their faithful service to the college and pray for God’s continued blessings on their behalf.