This is a listing of all currently available jobs for on-campus student employment. If you would like to narrow your search, you can choose summer or school year.

Note: To view current open positions for regular employment opportunities (not student employment), please visit the MLC Human Resources page.

  • Each school year and summer employment have contractual dates of employment and do not roll over from year to year. Meaning, all jobs for each contractual time period are reposted and interested parties should apply or express interest.
  • If you want to apply for multiple on-campus jobs, with the same supervisor, please note all the jobs you are interested in on the application.
  • If you want to apply for multiple on-campus jobs, with different supervisors, you will need to submit an application for each on-campus job. (Save yourself time by making a copy of your application.)
  • If you have worked for the supervisor or department in the past, you do not need to complete an application, but you will need to notify the supervisor with interest in an available position, in writing.  Previous employment in the department is not a guarantee of rehire.

Don’t see the job you are looking for? Stay tuned to this website as it may not have been posted yet, or unfortunately, you may have missed the posting. For a comprehensive listing of all potential campus jobs and details, check out this document.

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Important applicant notices:

Please be aware that each page lists 25 jobs. If there are more than 25 jobs currently available, tap or click “load more jobs” to see more.