Evolution: What Should We Teach?
Daniel Fenske – (507) 354-8221 ext 312 or
We know by faith that Creation, as explained in Genesis, is true. We see the error in the Theory of Evolution. But beyond that, many teachers don’t know how to approach or handle this necessary topic. This presentation will give some ideas and encouragements in presenting Evolution.
Length: 45-60 minutes | Projector and Screen Required
Moving beyond the textbook in science
Paul Tess – (507) 354-8221 ext 287 or
Grounded in the 5-e model of instruction (engagement, exploration, explanation, elaboration, evaluation), an examination of effective inquiry-based units that build on the strengths of constructivism and technology-supported learning.
Length: 1-2 hours | Projector and Screen Required | Internet Required
Scientific Revolution
Daniel Fenske – (507) 354-8221 ext 312 or
This presentation was given at the 2003 Christian Science and our Society Symposium held at MLC. It is an overview of how the “”real”” scientific method differs vastly from the scientific method described in most science texts. The ideas are a compilation from Thomas Kuhn’s essay “”The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”” and from the works of Prof. Em. Martin Sponholz.
Length: 1 hour | Projector and Screen Required
What Evolution Really Teaches
Daniel Fenske – (507) 354-8221 ext 312 or
Many problems with the Theory of Evolution are glossed over in the textbooks. In order for Evolution to work, it requires a great deal of faith. We examine some of those issues in this presentation.
Length: 1 hour | Projector and Screen Required