THE1001 Biblical History & Literature I (3 cr.)     Online

THE1002 Biblical History & Literature II (3 cr.)     Online

THE2001 Biblical History & Literature III (3 cr.)     Online

THE3001 Christian Doctrine I (3 cr.)     Online

THE3002 Christian Doctrine II (3 cr.)     Online

THE4001 Lutheran Confessional Writings (3 cr.)     Online


THE5006 Foundations of Ministry (3 cr.) Online

THE2103 Biblical Interpretation (3 cr.) Online

THE3101 Introduction to Youth and Family (3 cr.) Online

THE9101 The Mission of the Church (1 cr.) Online

THE9102 Practical Evangelism for Congregations (1 cr.) Online
THE9103 Friendship Evangelism (1 cr.) Online

THE3111 Congregational Assimilation & Retention (3 cr.) Online

THE3120 Parish Education (3 cr.) Online

THE3130 Caring and Counseling (3 cr.) Online

THE3131 Parish Visitation (3 cr.) Online

THE3140 Organization and Administration in the Parish (3 cr.) Online

THE3142 Developing and Training Leadership (3 cr.) Online


In addition to the courses listed above, there is also a required field experience arranged individually. It could be a full-time one-semester internship (16 credits), two semesters of a half-time internship (2 x 8 credits), or experiences spread out over a longer period of time as a series of practicums.

Theology Courses

THE1001    Biblical History and Literature I     3 Credits     Online
A survey of God’s grace through the literature of the Old Testament’s historical and wisdom writings, with a focus on the promises God made throughout the history of ancient Israel.

THE1002    Biblical History and Literature II      3 Credits     Online
A survey of God’s grace through the literature of the Old Testament major prophets and the New Testament gospel accounts set in the context of exilic, post-exilic literature and Intertestamental historical record.

THE2001    Biblical History and Literature III     3 Credits     Online
A survey of God’s grace through the literature of selected New Testament epistles set in the context of the book of Acts.

THE3001    Christian Doctrine I     3 Credits     Online
A study of those truths that the Bible, as the divinely inspired source of doctrine, presents concerning the author, the object, and the mediator of salvation.

THE3002    Christian Doctrine II     3 Credits     Online
The scriptural truths concerning the blessing the Holy Spirit showers on believers, individually and collectively, in the presentation and appropriation of the gift of salvation.

THE4001    Lutheran Confessional Writings     3 Credits     Online
The origin, content, and significance of the confessions of the Lutheran Church as contained in the Book of Concord (1580).

Professional Courses

THE5006 Foundations of Ministry   3 credits   Online
Discusses the theological foundations of church and ministry and how these principles apply to the work of teachers and school leaders. Topics include biblical authority in a changing world, the Great Commission of church and school, understanding and articulating the Christian worldview, leadership and servanthood in the church, shared ministry in church and school, and preparation for service in the church. Through this course participants will each develop a personal philosophy of the practice of ministry.


THE2103    Biblical Interpretation      3 Credits     Online
An analysis of the major approaches to biblical interpretation, and an examination and application of the correct principles used to understand the Bible.

THE3101   Introduction to Youth & Family Ministry      3 Credits     Online
A study of marriage, the family, and the biblical role of the family in spiritual growth, with an emphasis on youth ministry as a part of an integrated ministry to families. Addresses both developing healthy families and ministering to hurting families.


Three 1-credit Evangelism Courses Online

THE9101 The Mission of the Church     1 Credit     Online
“Lord, what do you want my church to do?” Rediscover the mission of  the church to propel a mission mindset and to guide a congregation’s ministry to share Christ with your community.

THE9102 Practical Evangelism for Congregations     1 Credit     Online
Overview of key components that make up a congregational evangelism program and guidance for putting them into practice.

THE9103 Friendship Evangelism     1 Credit     Online
Designed to enable learners to confidently share the faith they are already publicly sharing at worship each Sunday in a personal, transparent, and informed approach.

Taking these three 1-credit Evangelism courses makes you eligible to receive the
Evangelism Certificate from MLC.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Evangelism Certificate and to enroll. 

Enrollment in the Evangelism Certificate Program is free of charge.
You must enroll in the Evangelism Certificate Program to receive the certificate.


THE3111    Congregational Assimilation and Retention      3 Credits     Online
A study of ways to integrate members into the life of the church through active use of the means of grace, Christian fellowship, and service. Includes examination of factors that can help to prevent inactivity and of methods for reaching out to inactive members.

THE3120   Parish Education     3 credits     Online
An examination of the principles, methods, and materials of religious education in the parish for adults, youth, and children.

THE3130   Caring and Counseling      3 credits     Online
An introduction to the basic principles and techniques of a Christian approach to counseling, based in Law and Gospel, and the formal and informal congregational settings in which they may be applied.

THE3131    Parish Visitation      3 Credits     Online
A presentation of visitation as a method of ministry, especially as a way to minister to the needs of the grieving, the sick and shut-in, and the inactive member.

THE3140    Organization and Administration in the Parish     3 Credits     Online
A presentation of organizational structure, planning, decision making, supervision, leadership, and human relations as tools in the administration of the church.

THE3142   Developing and Training Leadership     3 Credits     Online
Methods and techniques for training lay people. Includes how to identify their gifts and abilities, recruitment, and options for training.

Field Experience

An internship or series of practica is required of all staff ministry candidates. The experiences will be structured on an individual basis, and will vary depending on previous involvement in congregational ministry.