• “How could you ask for more?! I honestly get to tell people, I love my ‘job’!”
    – Chad White
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  • “It has been my experience that no two staff
    ministers do exactly the same thing. Each one
    uses the gifts, abilities, and opportunities that
    the Lord provides them, and their
    congregations, to serve his people.”

      – Brian Davidson
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  • “There is so much ministry to be done and
    so many roles to fill. Staff ministry is a
    wonderful way for those who, like me, don’t
    necessarily want to preach or be a school
    teacher, but want to spend their days
    serving in the church and reaching people
    with the gospel.”
    – Brandon Steenbock
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  • “I am blessed to be able to call staff ministry
    my job. Every day God uses me to proclaim
    his message of salvation to His people. ”
    – Matthew Werner
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  • “My direction and goal were getting foggy,
    which was
    a tad alarming – and then God
    decided a complete redirect was in order”
    – Kristen Koepsell
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  • “Be careful what you pray for, my friends.
    We have an awesome God who uses fishermen,
    tax collectors, musicians, doctors, and even a
    former mailman to share his good news with
    the world. You may be next.”
    – Mike Mundstock
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WELS Staff Ministry Certification

Worship coordinator . . . Sunday school director . . . church administrator . . . youth leader: When a congregation or para-church organization has a need for a specific type of ministry that doesn’t include preaching, it may decide to fill that need by calling a staff minister.

At Martin Luther College, the WELS College of Ministry, we can prepare you for staff ministry in one of the 1200+ churches of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. We will give you the basic theological training and the practical skills you need to develop and use the unique ministry gifts God has given you.  Specifically, we’ll train you to serve in youth work, evangelism, family ministry, visitation, administration, and Christian education.

Who may be admitted:

  • Those who already hold a bachelor degree
  • Older and second career students
  • Called parish staff ministers
  • Called non-parish staff ministers
  • Colloquy candidates

Pursuing the program:

  • It is preferable that as much course work as possible be taken on the MLC campus.
  • Courses for certification credit may be taken through the MLC continuing education office.
  • Credit for certification may be earned through Directed Study and Independent Study, and for Validated Learning Experience.
  • Certification requirements must be completed within eight years after acceptance into the program or acceptance of a provisional call, whichever is first.
  • Those who are currently called will maintain their provisional certification by completing a minimum of one three credit course per year.
  • Neither acceptance into a certification program nor successful completion of the requirements assures one of a call into a staff ministry position.

If you opt for the staff ministry program, you’ll be choosing not just a profession, but a profession of faith; not just a job, but a ministry, a calling, and a way of life.

OlsonDr. Lawrence Olson
Director, Staff Ministry Program
Phone: 507-354-8221 ext. 252