THE5001 Old Testament Theology   3 credits
An examination of the major teachings of the Old Testament, with a concentration on key themes addressed by the biblical writers.

THE5002 New Testament Theology   3 credits
An examination of the major teachings of the New Testament, with a concentration on key themes addressed by the biblical writers.

THE5003 Biblical Hermeneutics   3 credits
Bible interpretation to deepen practical skills for understanding and applying God’s Word appropriately. Topics include seeing the “big themes” of the Bible, identifying genre, tracing the arc of the biblical narrative, and exploring the rhetorical beauty of various texts, with the emphasis being on practice, not theory.

THE5004 History of Christianity   3 credits
A survey of major movements and individuals in the history of the church from the time of its birth in the 1st century through contemporary developments in the 21st century.

THE5005 Systematic Theology   3 credits
A study of the tools and methodology of a systematic approach to theology, as well as an advanced study of selected aspects of the doctrines of Scripture, God, humanity, Christ, salvation, the church, and the end times.

THE5006 Foundations of Ministry   3 credits
Discusses the theological foundations of church and ministry and how these principles apply to the work of teachers and school leaders. Topics include biblical authority in a changing world, the Great Commission of church and school, understanding and articulating the Christian worldview, leadership and servanthood in the church, shared ministry in church and school, and preparation for service in the church. Participants will develop a personal philosophy of the practice of ministry.

THE5101 Genesis   3 credits
A study of Genesis that challenges students to grapple with the historical and theological implications of this foundational book of Holy Scripture.

THE5201 Christian Apologetics   3 credits
Defines a uniquely Lutheran apologetic and equips students to undermine dominant cultural narratives and patterned dismissals of Christian truth; argue effectively for the resurrection of Christ, the authenticity of the New Testament, and the necessity of God for objective meaning, morality, and the like; and to develop positive communication approaches for vital sites of struggle over truth in contemporary society.

THE5202 Bioethics   3 credits
Prepares students to evaluate bioethical dilemmas from a biblically grounded and scientifically informed standpoint. Participants survey principal moral philosophies that have shaped the field of bioethics, engage in debates concerning healthcare decisions throughout the human lifespan, and develop resolutions to ethical dilemmas in a manner that is consistent with Scripture and conversant with contemporary culture.

THE5204 Heaven and Hell   3 credits
An exploration of Bible descriptions of heaven and hell. Includes non-scriptural topics such as purgatory, limbo, and non-Christian views of the afterlife.

THE5206 Creation Apologetics: Critical Approaches to Understanding Science 3 Credits
Prepares called and lay members to address the relationship between contemporary science and the Christian faith by exploring 20th- and 21st-century philosophies of science, analyzing scientific claims in typical textbooks and media reports, and investigating historical debates between those who believe in creation and evolution.

EDU5303 Open Transfer of an Elective xxxxxx
An approved, three-credit, graduate-level course taken at another accredited institution that fits the student’s graduate program objectives and goals but has no comparable course in Martin Luther College program.

THE5401 Adult Christian Education   3 credits
Equips students with andragogical knowledge and skills for leading adult Christian education in ministry settings.

THE5403 Maximum Impact with Short-Term Mission Trips   3 credits
A study of the rationale for and characteristics of a short-term mission that applies Confessional Lutheran theology and best-practice methodologies.

THE5404 Ministering to Families in Crisis   3 credits
Defines family crises, identifies some major theoretical frameworks for studying families in crises, considers major lifestyle transitions, and explores major catastrophic crises families face. Examines resources and strengths that enable families to deal with crises more adequately within a Confessional Lutheran worldview.

THE6100 Comprehensive Examination  (0 credits)
A five-hour comprehensive examination of a graduate-level theological course of study.

THE6200 Field Project   3 credits
An applied project that investigates a theological or ministry problem or issue. The professional paper details the project and its results.

THE6500 Thesis   6 credits
The thesis is an investigation of an issue in theology or ministry either by means of data gathering and analysis or through an exploration of historical and theological scholarship.

EDU6999 Continued Graduate Study   0 credits
Maintains active status for students not enrolled in coursework. Please Note: EDU6999 is considered active status for MLC’s purposes only. If you are receiving financial aid, EDU6999 is not considered an active course.