Many (D)MLC graduates from 1970 – 2001 are interested in earning both their master’s degree and their post-baccalaureate license. Graduate students are encouraged to apply for MLC’s post-baccalaureate licensure program to fulfill requirements while completing their master’s degree through MLC.

Dr. Cindy Whaley Licensure Officer

Dr. Cindy Whaley
Licensure Officer

Master’s degree students wishing to add their post-baccalaureate license will need to apply to the MLC post-baccalaureate teaching license program. Dr. Cindy Whaley, MLC’s licensure officer, will use the information supplied on the application and the student’s official transcripts to determine the specific courses and requirements that each individual must fulfill.

Students wishing to pursue post-baccalaureate MN teaching licensure alone and not a master’s degree will enroll only in the MLC post-baccalaureate program.