MLC Education Update

March 2023


Student Teaching in 2023-2024: If you have submitted your student teaching application, the student teaching courses will appear in your schedule planner for 2023-2024. So, when you begin to schedule your courses for next year, the professional semester will already be populated. If you find in your schedule planning that an academic course you need to take conflicts with the professional semester, please let Prof. Pavelchik know.

If you are planning on student teaching next year and have not yet applied, please contact Prof. Pavelchik.

TEAM Meeting with Advisor: The Teacher Education Assessment Measure (TEAM) is a tool for advisors and advisees to use together to assess a student’s gifts for the teaching ministry. The TEAM form will be in the hands of the advisor. Advisers and advisees will need to set an appointment to meet between March 13 and April 14 to work through the survey together. The deadline to complete and submit the form is April 14th.

Please email Mrs. Kristen Hanevik if you have any questions.

Individual Field Experience (IFE) Hours  As you submit your forms for IFE hours, please remember the following:

  • Give a good amount of detail in your description. Be sure to include the age of children with whom you work. If you log diversity hours, explain the types of special needs or cultures with which you had the opportunity to interact.
  • You may be asked to correct or clarify something on your IFE forms. Watch your email for those requests and resubmit your forms as needed!

Transitions Seminar  Transitions Seminar will take place on campus May 10-11, 2023. This seminar is for all teaching and staff ministry candidates graduating in May, summer, and December of 2022.

Fingerprinting & New Teacher Induction Registration  On Thursday, May 11th, from 10:30 AM-1:30 PM, local law enforcement will be on campus to fingerprint 2023 graduates (May, summer, or December) who plan on applying for a MN teaching license. New Teacher Induction registration will also be done at this time.




EFE II and EFE III   Remember, EFE experiences are required prior to student teaching. It is important that you print your forms. The Education Office can hole punch your forms to fit into your journals. For information more about this please click on this link to the MLC website. If you have any questions that aren’t answered on the website, please email the education office at

Individual Field Experience (IFE) Hours  The Category Description page on MLC’s website has a summary of the requirements. The IFE submission form is always available to submit your IFE hours. Check Portal for your status to see the number of hours and activities you have for each category. You can also see when you have met the requirements.

GPS     The Guide for Program Success is your GPS for successfully navigating the requirements of the teacher education program. For detailed information about program requirements, refer to the Teacher Education Handbooks.

Email     Check your MLC email regularly. Email continues to serve as the official communication tool with and for the education office.



    March 17

IFE Hours due

April 14

TEAM forms due

May 10-11

Transition Seminar

May 11

Fingerprinting and

New Teacher Induction registration