MLC Education Update

March 2022


2022-23 Student Teachers Course Scheduling: If you are student teaching next year, your student teaching courses will be added automatically in the appropriate semester. If you need a change made, please contact Dr. Whaley or Megan Plocher in the Education Office.
2022-23 Student Teachers IFE Hours DUE: If you are student teaching in 2022-2023, your Individual Field Experience (IFE) hours are due by March 18. Contact Megan Plocher if you have any questions.
MTLE Testing: Candidates must pass the MTLE content and pedagogy tests to be eligible for a Minnesota Tier 3 teaching license. As a result, you must pass your professional exams in order to meet program requirements and to be recommended for assignment to ministry. We recommend that you take (or have taken) PSY3020 Psychology of Learning and/or PSY3010 Child Development as well as at least one methods course (1-3 credits) before attempting the pedagogy test.
In order to student teach during the 2022-2023 school year, all MTLE must be attempted by August 1, 2022.
Updated GPS: The Guide for Program Success, your GPS for successfully navigating the requirements of the teacher education program, has been recently updated. Be sure to take a look with your advisor to get a quick glance at yearly benchmarks.
Year 2 TEAM Form: This form will be filled out concurrently with your advisor. The timeframe for completion of this form is March 14 through April 30.
Transitions Seminar: Transitions Seminar will take place on campus May 11-12, 2022. This seminar is for all teaching and staff ministry candidates graduating in May, summer, and December of 2022.
Fingerprinting & New Teacher Induction Registration: On Thursday, May 12, from 10:30 am-1:30 pm, local law enforcement will be on campus to fingerprint 2022 graduates (May, summer, or December) who plan on applying for a MN teaching license. New Teacher Induction registration will also be done at this time. This will take place in WCC 162.


New Face in the Education Office: We would like to welcome our new administrative assistant, Kristin Hanevik. Kristen is filling a vacancy that opened when Susan Plocher took an MLC library position earlier this year. Kristen is a member at St. John’s Lutheran Church, New Ulm, and will bring administrative experience when she joins the office. We are excited for Kristen, and we pray that God may bless her in her new responsibilities.
Individual Field Experience (IFE) Hours: The Category Description page on MLC’s website has a summary of the requirements. The IFE submission form is always available to submit your IFE hours. Make sure you are detailed in your description and explain any diversity hours you log. Contact Megan Plocher if you have any questions.
MTLE Preparation: Along with the online MTLE study materials, the MLC Library has copies of the MTLE study books on reserve at the front desk. The MLC Library Database has electronic study materials called Mometrix, which include practice tests, flashcards, and study guides.
Email: Check your MLC email regularly! Email continues to serve as the official communication tool with and for the Education Office.


    March 18

IFE Hours due for Student Teaching Applicants

March 14 – April 30

Year 2 Students complete TEAM form with advisor

May 11-12

Transition Seminar for all 2022 graduates

May 12

Fingerprinting and New Teacher Induction registration for all 2022 graduates