Grow in Grace’s STM Degree Program

Grow in Grace of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary does four big things: 1. We provide formal continuing education through our Master of Sacred Theology (STM) degree program; 2. We provide resources and encouragement for informal continuing education; 3. Through Pastor Partners we provide 3 years of mentoring for seminary graduates who are called into ministry; and […]

Strong Principals Make All the Difference

Strong Lutheran schools need strong principals. They need leaders who set the bar high for student achievement. Who create a Christ-centered culture. Who cast long-term visions for the future of their school and simultaneously handle the day-to-day details. Who supervise instruction, create a budget, and implement a marketing plan—all while maintaining meaningful relationships with faculty, […]

A Different Summer Quarter at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary

Summer 2020 brought an array of challenges, blessings, and everything in between. For the first time, Summer Quarter on campus—which was supposed to be held mostly on campus—went completely digital. This digital delivery included synchronous courses, asynchronous courses, use of Zoom, and different sorts of hybrids. Despite the drastic change from having students on campus […]

Equipping Future Lutheran Leaders for Success

WELS Principal Credential Cohort Written by Laurie Gauger-Hested A Crucial Need The WELS loses 20-30 principals every year. Some retire. Some resign. Some want to devote their time to full-time teaching again. Unfortunately, we have nowhere near enough new principals to fill those vacancies. In fact, we are preparing only five per year. Five new […]

Summer Quarter 2017 and Beyond