What a privilege we have to travel freely throughout the beautiful world God gave us. Still, traveling can be tough. Sleeping in a different bed, eating foods that we aren’t accustomed to, and spending the bulk of the day out and about can be a bit unsettling. That’s why we make every effort to keep you safe, comfortable, healthy, and happy. Single connection flights and a modern motor coach packed with creature-comforts certainly helps.


Sleeping well, starting the day with a satisfying breakfast, and a comfortable place to connect with your new friends…all critical components for a successful tour. We’re confident you’ll enjoy all of the hotels we’ve reserved for you.

Guides, Worship, and Meals

Perhaps what makes the MLC Alumni tours different from many others is the daily worship and Christian fellowship. Our guides will lead us on a daily journey into the Word as we travel to and through Europe. We’ll also enjoy fellowship with members of our sister synod, the Evangelical Lutheran Free Church (ELFK).