By Rachel Meyer

A young girl shuffled along a rustic path. Ignoring this Asian country’s beauty in the surrounding mountaintops, she focused on the small distractions. She whimpered when the steps became too high or when a strong wind blew in her face. Her father accompanied her on this short journey. He never left her side. Clutching a large load over his shoulder, he placed his free hand behind her, carefully leading her along the uneven stones. Amazingly, his guidance went unnoticed by his young child.

To many, life seems unbearable. They are tired and saddened, concentrating on the trials of this hopeless world. Blind with unbelief, they fail to notice a companion who lowered himself to give them peace. To share the good news is a command and the responsibility of all believers. Opportunities to fulfill this command are as plentiful as there are people in the world.

In my work here, I am blessed to share the news about our ever-present Friend. While some analyze, others cling to His promises and the new clarity which permeate their lives. Only the Good Shepherd knows when true faith is planted in a person’s heart, and I rejoice when He gives me evidence. A friend reflected upon His saving work as she left study. While tying her Converse shoes, she confessed, “Some days I feel like I can’t do it, but then I am very confident when I remember that it is He who makes me brave to face everything in life. I hear Him say to me tonight, ‘Go in peace.’”

Until we reach our final destination, our constant Companion guides our earthly walk with an abiding peace that never departs from those whom He loves.

Praise Him for never leaving us alone.