Design principles for publications
James Grunwald – (507) 354-8221 ext 349 or
Designing print materials
Lawrence Czer – (507) 354-8221 ext 308 or
Enrollment Strategies for the Lutheran High School/Grade School
Mark Stein – (507) 354-8221 ext 360 or
Enrollment Strategies need to be intentional to work. Basic strategies in marketing, financial aid, social media/web design and recruitment/retention can work for all schools, large or small. There can be very little cost to enrollment enhancement, but in needs to be intentional and be a school wide focus.

This presentation will focus on those strategies and help start the conversation in your school about growing together,enhancing enrollment with the goal of sharing our Savior with your community no matter where you may be!
Length: 1-3 hrs | Projector and Screen Required | Internet Required

Strategic planning for churches & schools
Steven Thiesfeldt – (507) 354-8221 ext 211 or