EDU5901 Instructional Mentoring   1 Credit
Establishes how to create professional growth environments for beginning teachers, grounded in the language and protocols of continuous improvement and problem solving to enrich student learning.

EDU5902 Instructional Mentoring in an Online Environment   2 Credits
Prepares instructional mentors and coaches to create and foster online learning communities for beginning teachers through the e-Mentoring for Student Success (eMSS) system.  Participants learn to use research-based mentoring language, instructional mentoring protocols, and classroom observations to promote continuous improvement and problem solving in beginning teachers.

EDU5903 Observation and Conferencing   1 Credit
Prerequisite(s): EDU5901
Develops ways to collect observation data in relation to teaching standards and to critique the ways in which data can be
shared with the beginning teacher to improve their instructional practice and consequently student achievement.

EDU5904 Coaching in Complex Situations   1 Credit
Prerequisite(s): EDU5901, EDU5903, EDU5907
Analyze case studies and solutions to address challenging situations facing beginning teachers using research-based techniques and an understanding of human dynamics.

EDU5905 Using Data to Inform Instruction   2 Credits
Prerequisite(s): EDU5901
Apply tools and strategies to help beginning teachers analyze student needs, plan for differentiated instruction, and ensure
equitable learning outcomes.

EDU5906 Designing Effective Instruction   1 Credit
Prerequisite(s): EDU5901
Develop the ability to provide meaningful feedback to improve beginning teachers’ lesson plans and instruction.

EDU5907 Conditions for Equitable Instruction   1 Credit
Prerequisite(s): EDU5901, EDU5903
Produce a framework for teaching for equitable outcomes and for mentoring beginning teachers from an equity perspective, within the context of Professional Teaching Standards through a uniquely Christian worldview. Address inequities regarding race, language, and culture in the classroom and school.

EDU5908 Understanding, Supporting, and Facilitating a Professional Development Plan   2 Credit
Prerequisite(s): EDU5901, EDU5903, EDU5907
Synthesize the research, theory, and writing, as well as teacher and administrator standards, behind a professional development plan, in order to be a resource in your school or district and assist new teachers in writing a professional development plan.